Could Lavatory Farming and lack of real Medicine be the cause of Life Span Decline?

In our rush to wring out of life all that we can, we may just be choking the life out of the human race.  Take for example the rush to produce a more genuine and healthy crop and livestock by moving them from their ability to range free to an area populated by several others with little if no room to move around.  We claim that this type of lavatory farming produces a better cut of meat but does it really?

Stories swirl about the condition many of these facilities are in and the lack of particular attention being paid to those very animals.  Back in the day, a farmer’s day began quite early as they made their rounds to feed and inspect their livestock.  They would make sure that the animals were well taken care of, fed and watered so that they could grow healthy and strong.  They knew that the healthier their animals were, the bigger the paycheck would be when they were sold to the slaughter houses.  Many of these farmers took pride in raising healthy and great tasting meat and not one animal went too long without intervention from that farmer to prevent and cure anything that may have been ailing it.  You could always tell those who really cared and placed their reputation behind raising good stock because they would be there day and night through all kinds of weather to make sure that their livestock was taken care of.

This is not the case today, now farming is more of big business and the care that the single farmer took is not present in the mega-farmers and lavatories of today.  Now these animals are fed with lavatory created feed which means that none of it is natural as it should.  Now they are moved from the range to small convenient cages where they cannot even turn around or raise their young as was the good old days.  The younger animals learned from their parents as to what to eat and what not to so the truly bad things which existed then was avoided, now those same bad things are being found not only in their food but also manufactured in some lab.

The same can be said for the new style of medicine that is being prescribed to humans and placed in our bodies.  Back in the day, parents would use those old southern remedies to cure any ailment and it really worked.  Today we face a barrage of new medicine that may temporarily ease the suffering of an ailment but while it does only that, are careful of its side effects because they can sometimes be worse than the original problem.  Never have you heard so many problems created by using medicine that was supposed to cure you.  Listening to the advertisements sometimes makes you wish to keep that ache because what might happen to you after taking the medication could be much worse. 

Take a few minutes and listen to the number of lawsuits being filed on behalf of suffers who are now much worse off than when they first went in to visit their doctor.  Do any of you remember all those types of advertisements when we were receiving those southern remedies?  Just a thought, decide for yourself. 


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