The Affect that giving up has on the Victim and the Military

You know that every once in a while, I think that Hollywood can make a very valid and thought provoking point with some of the shows it produces but most of the time I think that they just cobble ideas together and find more drama than substance.  I say that to make a point about something I had not thought about and am sure many others haven’t even considered.

First a little background.  I was watching the show called “Criminal Minds” where the father of an abducted son was asked why he stopped going back to the place where his son was abducted after during so for several years like clockwork.  His response was because he felt that his son was no longer alive so he felt no need to continue to go there.  It got me to thinking about all those other times I had heard the similar statement coming from parents and loved ones of those who have gone missing and the result of them owning that feeling that they were still alive and never losing hope.  It made me began to think if those victims who were abducted could feel that hope and it somehow made them hold on to the very end and in some cases finding their way back home.  I also began to wonder and remember my own personal experience and how that hope that I thought I felt coming from my loved ones helped me survive.  I began to wonder if other military members felt that way and use that today to keep their senses about them as they travel that treacherous road they are on.

Consider this, what if that is the case and when we give up on that feeling that those taken from us are alive but we dismiss that feeling in order to prepare ourselves for the worse, it also makes them give up as well.  What if those who start a war that they will never take an active part in and those who embrace and support that war, suddenly give up on it while those dodging the bullets are still there struggling to survive.  What if those trying to stay alive suddenly feel that revoke of support and then decide that what they thought that they were fighting for was lost and there is really no need to continue to keep their eyes and ears open.

If this is the case, then do we not owe it to those who were abducted to trust the feeling that they are still alive and continue to hold out that hope for no other reason than to give them something to hold on to.  If this is the case, then do we not owe it to our military to continue to support them regardless of how long it takes so that it gives them the will and strength to fight on?  Just a thought, I could be wrong.


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