Why God allows bad things to happen to People

One of the most asked but never answered questions man has is why God allows bad things to happen to good people.  Many even use this unanswerable question to determine and explain why they do not believe in God.  Well I wonder now what excuse you are going to use because your answer is in the next paragraph.
God allows bad things to happen to good people simply because he believes that by seeing these things, you will then modify your behavior.  Children who are discipline do it all the time but it seems that the older we get, the more we think we know and more right we are.  God may believe that even if you see or hear about things that happen to others, this could cause you to think twice before traveling the same path. 

Ask yourself, how many times you have altered your actions after experiencing something that caused you pause and how many times did you think about changing your ways but didn't, only to wish a couple of days later that you had?  This is the lessons that experiences teaches us but these lessons will only benefit us if we take heed and learn from them.

You do it in relationships so why can’t we do it all the time.  Your first relationship is rocky because of a small lie you told that stayed hidden for a few years before it became exposed.  After that you decided from this point on you were going to try and make sure that it never happens again.  How you decide to use these lessons is totally defendant upon your interpretation of them.  While some may see the arrest of a friend for drugs as a sign not to use or sell them, others may see it as what not to do when using or selling. 

Think about this when something happens to or around you.  What is this experience telling me?  When you have come to a decision about what you may have learned from that experience, you have then grown as a person.  What you do with that knowledge is what makes you grow as a human being.    


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