Dollar Tree joining with Family Dollar a much Better Deal than Wal-Mart

I was somewhat happy to hear the news that was reported by Ramkumar Iyer and Devika Krishna Kumar in their article titled “Dollar Tree to buy Family Dollar for $8.5 billion” not because I own stock in either but mainly because it may be time for Wal-Mart to finally receive it comeupings.  What I mean by that is Wal-Mart has located in distressed areas all over the United States and in areas of towns that sorely needed jobs but that is all that they have really done for those areas.  They preach that they care about community but I find that hard to believe when many of their workers still have to seek governmental assistance to make a decent life for them and their families.  You would think that all Wal-Mart needs to do is offer a wage that a family could satisfy the needs of their family with just one job and not have to be added to the list of those having to seek help elsewhere especially while Wal-Mart owners and shareholders pockets grow and their bottom line increases.  Unfortunately all that remains is the seemingly careless that they show their workers which spills over onto their many consistent customers and it leaves a lot to be desired.

The article mentions that “Discount store chain Dollar Tree Inc. said it would buy rival Family Dollar Stores Inc. for about $8.5 billion, creating North America's biggest discount retailer.” “This acquisition will extend our reach to lower-income customers and strengthen and diversify our store footprint," Bob Sasser, Dollar Tree's Chief Executive said in a statement.  “Dollar Tree, which said on Monday its offer had been approved by Family Dollar's board, will have about 13,000 stores across the United States and Canada once the deal closes.  Dollar General has 11,338 stores in the United States.”

But what does this really mean and how does it possible save middle and low income families from Wal-Mart?  Based on recent conversation and observation, first and foremost, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar pay a much competitive wage as Wal-Mart which means that a family just might be able to make a decent living out of working there.  Second, it appears that many of their employees remain loyal due to being treated like a person instead of a dollar sign with legs or that goop on the bottom of your shoe.  It will allow those who have been struggling to make ends meet an opportunity to move up in a company instead of being limited and most importantly it is fashioned to be able to occupy existing buildings to remove the abandoned feeling that comes with closed retail store places.

Bottom line, anything that can make the giants wake up and smell the coffee is a good thing to me and whether they decide to change their ways or to continue to ignore the public demand of better wages and treatment is irrelevant because the public and now Dollar Tree and Family Dollar has heard their cries and have answered the call.  Thank you Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, I look forward to making sure that your joining will indeed prove both beneficial to those you wish to serve and profitable to those who help make it happen.


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