God working in Mysterious Ways may just be a Myth

I am sure that you have heard this saying before “God works in mysterious ways” and I believe it is a saying to try explaining why things happen that we don’t quite know how to put into words.  I've used this phrase myself, a time or two, and just used it recently.  That was until I was sitting in front of my “idiot box” or television and saw this commercial for a website called “Christian Mingle”.  The ad goes on to say that they have so many members and many of those members often think that they had to wait on God to move on finding them that perfect person while God is telling them that it is their turn to move.  I heard that and almost immediately, I was struck with the sense that this commercial was wrong and maybe so were we for thinking all we needed to do was sit back and wait on God to act.  Maybe the reason many of us miss out on golden opportunities and open doors that God has presented us with because we have become lazy and wish not to take control of our lives but would rather sit back on our brains and wait on someone else to deliver unto us that silver platter.  Maybe God does not work in mysterious ways.  Maybe the ways in which God works are crystal clear but we have been conditioned to ignore it or just wish not to know it because that would mean, instead of being able to blame others for our shortcomings, we would have to take responsibility for them ourselves.

I offer this as my evidence as it is written in Psalm Chapter 139 verse “You saw me before I was born.  Every day of my life was recorded in your book.  Every moment was laid out before a single day passed.”  What I believe this means is that while we were being formed in the womb.  Our life and the roads it would take were written out fully by God.  I think that the road maps of our lives were written in two separate but equal parts and these were all based on the choices we would make.  An example is given a choice to take revenge was written out as to what would happen next as well as what would happen had we choose to turn the other cheek.  Maybe our lives do not take any particular direction because God works in mysterious ways but simply because of the choice we make.

Now then comes the question of so why should we pray to God for things and not fear because we can faithfully turn things over to God.  I say that this may be the choice you need to make in order to achieve the peace on earth that we all so crave.  Maybe turning things over to God is what was written and the alternative of trying to do all things yourself was also written in case you choice that path.  I say that the New Testament provides us with a choice of forgiveness while the Old Testament provides us with a choice of vengeance and revenge.  I say both road maps of our lives were written while we were being formed in the womb and we choose which road we will take.  I think that prayer works well because it is already written that if we ask, we will receive.  Of course not on our time table but based on where that prayer can be inserted into our already written lives unless it has been foreseen that we would pray about this thing and has already been written in before we were even born.  


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