The Definition of an Enemy

The word enemy is thrown out frequently and often means the same to everyone who hears it but what would you say if I told you that we all had it wrong.  That those we consider our enemy is nothing but a person with a different view of things.  That the outcome which often accompanies that label “enemy” is not necessary in all cases and often times is unwarranted in many.

The true definition of an enemy is something or someone you know whose only intention is to cause you pain, suffering, injury or death.  Something or someone you know who harbors nothing of value except for the value that they place themselves within, far and above the value that it or they place upon others similar but different than them or it.  Something or someone who is consistent in their loathing or anything or anyone that exist within their sphere or vicinity.  This enemy can be one or many and even sometimes may not even exist in reality at all.

Just because you fancy yourself a Jew and I favor Palestine does not make us enemies.  Just because you choose to worship as a Catholic and I choose the Baptist faith does not make us enemies.  Just because you come from Europe and I hail from Mexico, you speak English and I speak Spanish does not make us enemies.  Just because you choose the opposite sex to love and I choose the same sex does not make us enemies.  Just because you come from the “right” side of the tracks and I from the “left” does not make us enemies.  Just because your outside skin is white and mine is black does not make us enemies.  What may make us enemies is what both of us do with that knowledge.  Do we use it to consistently attempt ill-will toward each other?  Do we take that information and develop plans to seek nothing but destruction for the other?

The true essence of a man or woman is not limited to a single action but a series of actions which displays the exact same result.  I am more than a credit score therefore I should be seen as much more than just numbers on a page and my worthiness should never be limited to a three digit number.  You are more than the sum total of your work experience written upon a piece of paper and should never be judged as unqualified or not able to perform any task based on what is told to you by some letters on a page.
We are more than this and just because some of us choose the wrong path at one time or another does not sacrifice all of the work done and being done by others who may look similar or think the same.  We deserve a better view than that but it all depends on two things.  The first is the person we choose to be and the second is your definition of an enemy.  One of these we can control, the other we cannot, so which one should we really be concentrating on?

Considering this, the questions now becomes why does none of those things mentioned above make me your enemy?  It’s because you are missing that one vital element of an enemy.  NOT WITHSTANDING YOUR ASSUMPTION, SIMPLY YOU DON’T KNOW ME.  


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