Today’s Supreme Court’s Decision Tanks Family-Owned Businesses

Today’s ruling as reported by Adam Liptak in his article titled “Supreme Court Rejects Contraceptives Mandate for Some Corporations”, “Justices Rule in Favor of Hobby Lobby” has done nothing for advancing the cause of women and their rights and in its swift action to play politics with women bodies, they have done nothing but doom the closed corporations and family-owned businesses.  Mr. Liptak reports that “The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that requiring family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act violated a federal law protecting religious freedom.   The contraceptive coverage requirement was challenged by two corporations whose owners say they try to run their businesses on Christian principles: Hobby Lobby, a chain of crafts stores, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, which makes wood cabinets.  The requirement has also been challenged in 50 other cases by almost 200 for-profit groups, according to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represented Hobby Lobby.  Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy and Clarence Thomas joined the majority opinion.  Lori Windham, a lawyer for Hobby Lobby, welcomed the decision. “The Supreme Court recognized that Americans do not lose their religious freedom when they run a family business,” she said.”

In an effort to claim religious freedom, these companies and the almost 200 more like them are paving the way to their doors closing for good and making the road for other family-owned businesses to thrive.  How, you may ask, simple.  How many men do you know that frequent hobby lobby and what is going to happen once women began to see or feel that this and the other businesses only see them as dollar signs with legs and not as a fellow human being.  We know that the women of this nation and all nations are the largest spenders in this economy and if any business goes out of their way to disenfranchise that group of consumers they can rest assured that their profits will suffer.  To tell women that you do not believe that they know best about their own bodies and make claims that your God says that you have the right to infringe upon their right is no only a losing proposition but is relatively stupid.

You opened a business to provide a service and make money but you join a segment of society where you sacrifice your best interest for the sake of bringing down a president.  Now the rush is on to see how much more you can trim the benefits of Obamacare for those who needs it most, forgetting that your God should have also reminded you that you are required to care “for the lesser of these.”   Has these businesses made so much money that they no longer need their businesses or the largest spending group in America.  With women avoiding shopping in your place of business and those who will not seek to be employed by a business that see them as less than, the only women you will find there will have to be family members but then I am sure you thought about that before you helped open this can of worms.  


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