Why do we fear something some of us look forward to everyday?

Lately I have been on a roll where I have taken the liberty to answer the tough questions like why people hate God, why God allows bad things to happen to good people and now I want to talk to you about something that will probably scare the stuffing out of some.  I want to talk to you about death.

One of the major reasons, people are more able to be manipulated and controlled whether it is by criminals or bullies is the threat of death.  Think about that and you may be able to see, instances where you were influenced to change or modify your positions because you feared dying.  You could no longer see yourself as being a part of this world and felt unready to go because there was still more you wished to do with your life or things you wished to say.  At the apex of any terrifying event always comes a moment where many will see their entire lives flash before their eyes and in that moment we began to pray for a little more time.  Promising to do better than we have and making any other promise that we believe will extend our existence here on this earth.  If we are so lucky as to get granted that extension, however, many soon forget about those promises like a politician on the campaign trail.

For those with the gun stuck in someone’s face they see themselves as god-like but reverse that and that very same person who saw themselves as god-like before will revert into that little ball of tears pleading for just a little more time.  It appears that no matter how different we think we really are, that is the number one thing that makes us all the same.  The cry, plea and prayer for just a few more minutes before our candle is snuffed.  So my question is, if we are so sure of ourselves before we encounter this incident, where is that confidence when we are looking down that barrel?  It’s the fear of dying, we don’t mind pretending that we are fearless and we do not mind pretending that we can be cold-blooded killers but when the roles are reversed, we quickly lose sight of that holier than thou attitude.

So why fear something that some of us look forward to everyday?  Why fear death when it is truly an act of just sleeping.  Granted you will not be moving around after you drift off, you will not be breathing nor will you wake up from that final dream but simply that is all it is.   So why not remain defiant and macho in the face of death?  Why not stand firm in your convictions and belief to the very end and not say whatever they tell you to say just to extend your earthly life?  Why not stop pretending that you are fearless of death and actually become fearless?

I used to fear death until I read in the Bible where it was written that only when it is time will I be called home and that leaving this earth does not mean that I am leaving my loved ones behind.  It means that I now go and prepare a place for each and every one of them and now can dress in my new body that was designed by God just for me and look over and truly protect them like I could never do here on earth.  All my suffering and pain will be over and all I will know is peace and happiness.  Yes I will be sad that I will not be around in the form that I once were but in my new form I can hold them closer, love them more and look out for them better than I ever could.  Not a bad trade-off in my book. 


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