LeBron James making his exit while still on Top

Never let it be said that some people do not know how to exit the stage in style.  Yes, I must agree with those that said his exit from Cleveland was not the most compassionate way to leave but his stay in Miami was worth all the trash and crap he had to take because of it.  His temporary stay in Miami brought that city the glory that they so craved and now he has decided to finish what he started some time ago.  LeBron James has decided to go home.

Look out Cleveland, the King is returning so all of you who burned his jersey and spoke nothing but ill-opinions about him are now about to eat your words and more.  You see, King James is not only returning to bring Cleveland a long awaited championship but he is there for a few more important reasons.  Now this is me talking not him so do not make it sound like he said all that I am about to say.  I honestly believe that if management listens carefully to what he says and not what they want to hear, Cleveland will get their championship but the real reason I am writing is to inform you about the other more important reasons that he has come home.

As he mentioned in his article, he wants his children to grow up in his hometown which in itself is a wonderful thing.  That is reason two for his move.  Reason three of his move and his silent request to leave at least three of the current Cavaliers players in place is the King is about to become a King-Maker.  Yes you heard me right.

LeBron James is about to do something that only a few players before him has ever done.  I’m talking players like Michael Jordan, Doctor J, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird and of course Magic Johnson.  What did they do, you ask?  They made other players play better by allowing them the spotlight for a while.  Their behind the scenes bench coaching brought out silent stars and with the light bouncing off their presence, they were able to shine and truly make their mark on the sport.

This is what I look for LeBron to do while in Cleveland and before retiring but please do not get it twisted; he still will be playing at a level like no other and owning the spotlight whenever he steps on the floor.  Those before could only stand and watch but these who he leads today, will deliver.


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