Why Some Men find Some Women so Confusing

Trying to understand and keep some women constantly happy is an age old journey that men have been on for years and is still searching for an answer today.  One can assume that it began when Eve was born of Adam’s Ribs.  When it was first realized was probably also when the phrase “walking on eggshells” came from.

Here’s the condensed version of the situation.  Some men will go out of their way to make the lady in their lives happy even if it means doing a lot of things that they really do not want to do.  They will rationalize it as “no big deal” or “a happy wife is a happy life” but really it is to keep the drama and noise down at home.  If you wish to watch your favorite television show, you must first make sure that you have done everything your lady wants you to do before it starts, so you ask the question and whatever she says at that time, you make happen.  Once you have satisfied all of those requirements, you confidently think that now you will be able to enjoy your show.  That is just before it gets to the good part and then other requests are made and now you hesitate or say “be right there” but never move.  Now you've got a mountain to climb and right in the middle of the best part.

You have just went from being the best man that she could ask for after doing all you did to prepare to enjoy your show, to an ungrateful, mean and selfish person because you did not move fast enough when she made those other requests.  Men then began to think back to the hundreds of things they have done but to some women, those things do not matter anymore and now it goes back to that old Janet Jackson song of “What have you done for me lately”.   Five minutes ago, she was smiling and agreed to allow you the peace and quiet to enjoy your show but that was then and this is now.

So where did you go wrong?  God only knows because for the life of you, it is far too complicated to figure out and now you are frustrated that you can’t so now you lash out too.  Before you know it the show you wished to watch is over, the credits are now rolling across the screen, you still have not figured out how you became such a monster in such a short period of time and missing your show has pushed you over the edge.  There is no turning back now, the time to maturely handle the situation is over and now only chaos remains.   Now you begin to think back over all the times you did try to make her happy and how many times you did do some things you didn't want to.  You think that maybe she saw those times as not about love but a sign of weakness.  Now you go over every inch of your existence and began to question whether she would not be better off without you.

What you ignore during that time is whether you will be better off without her.  Remember fellows, this is the lady that completes you and truly does make you wish to be a better man.  This is the lady that gives you the strength to carry her purse in public or follow her through the department store like some little puddle on a leash.  This is the lady that you will step in front of a bullet for and lay down your life to protect.  This is the one who makes your heart sing and your very soul rejoice just to see her.  So what do you do when she becomes so confusing that you are frustrated to near anger? 

Only God has the answer to that one too because it will be different for each of us.  Some may just let her rant and rave, sitting quietly and silently agreeing with whatever she says.  Others may just become more adapt at selective hearing and appear completely interested in what is going on while actually daydreaming about something else.  While then others may begin to closely listen to what she is saying as well as how she is saying it to discover what it is that is really got her all excited.  You see, many times what she is yelling or complaining about is not really what she is upset about and the most confusing part is many men never get it.  If you listen very carefully, you may be able to actually hear what it is she is really pissed off about and that is the issue which needs to fix.

She may be yelling about you never taking the garbage out which explains why she doesn't stop after you get up and take the garbage out.  Listen but please do not ask her to explain because she believes that you should already know and it will elevate the anger level if you ask.  Just sit and listen for those key words she will use as she describes how much of a disappointment you are because only in those words will you ever find the key to understanding.  For most guys it appears easier to just get up and move on but realize this, gentlemen.  If you fail to understand the person that you are with right now.  If you fail to invest the necessary time and effort it takes to truly build a happy home now, all that means is you still lack the necessary talent it will take to ever construct a happy home, so packing up and moving one only means that you will meet this situation again.  If this person really did mean as much to you as you have said in the past, she is well worth taking the time to understand and trust me when I tell you that once you have began to honestly try to understand, picking up those key words or being able to see what the real problem is will get easier.  The only question that will be left then is how often do you wish to play this game?


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