Discovery of PTSD proves us the Key to Reducing Crime

Just another thank you that this nation owes our veterans.  Think back, there was not so much focus on post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) until it became a front page issue regarding the trials and tribulations of our returning veterans.  Those acting unbecoming on the battle field as well as committing murders and suicide when they came back home.  Since that time, America became aware of something that has probably been the driving force behind crimes being committed but never addressed.  Thanks to our veterans, now we know even more about PTSD than we ever had before and now maybe we can get to addressing this disorder and finally really taking a bite out of crime.

It was believed, at first, that PTSD only extended to combat veterans but since the staff at Mayo Clinic redefined this disorder to “a mental condition which occurs and brought on by a terrifying event”, we now know and can clearly see that the key to reducing crime could be as simple as educating all our children, parents and adults about this, giving them the tools to control this disorder instead of allowing this disorder to control them.

Think of all the times you have heard law enforcement officials and those we call experts in the field of understanding criminal behavior talking about a “stressor” or that point where they reached their final straw.  We all know that it takes quite a bit to push another to their breaking point but we also know that some people don’t need too much help to go off the deep end.  I would say that it is those who do not need much help that prides themselves in being the best at committing and getting away with activities that even they know is wrong.  I would say that those who finally reach their breaking point may just be those who decides to take more than themselves out of the game, the mass killers and because we only appear to concentrate on those who commit crimes, those who remain functional are ignored.  That is until they finally go off the deep end then you will hear so many others say that were surprised and would never think that this person would do something like that.  The truth is, we are all capable of doing very bad things but many of us are able to see the edge before we get there and stop ourselves before going over.

This is where education is most important.  The increase in police brutality is something that could easily be contributed to PTSD but without the education passed on to those who patrol our streets, we just contribute to its growth.  The increase in the hatred of one group or another is another that can be attributed to PTSD because of the anger stirred up from someplace else but displaced to another.  The increase hatred of ourselves is definitely a large portion of PTSD but because we refuse to look at ourselves half as detailed as we comb through the lives of others, we can evade responsibility and accountability. 

May be the major reason why so many medical and mental professionals refuse to open their eyes is because they were not the ones who first brought this to our attention and that fact they believe, detracts from that title that they were given called expert.  Instead of embracing what we know and working on what we do not yet know, we choose to ignore that which is staring us directly in the face.  PTSD is real and it affects much more than combat veterans.  It affects housewives and children just as well.  It attacks all military members with as much ferocity as it does the dockworker.  It lies in wait and hides in the dark to surprise any and all of us as we stumble though life without the knowledge of its existence.  It’s time to bring PTSD out of the shadows and deal with it as we do any other life taker, head-on.  It’s time to stop prescribing drugs that makes the situation worse and hiding behind alcohol, street drugs and excuses.  If we want to really help our fellow human beings, the very first thing we need to do is remove our heads from the sand.  How many more must die or fall victim to this disorder before we began to educate.  How many more deaths are reasonable before those who can step up and stand up?  Just my opinion, I could be wrong but you know I’m not.  


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