Boys and their Toys

When it comes to proving how vain, selfish and completely immature, human being are, nothing makes the case better than this story.

It’s the story about school district police departments taking advantage of the free military gear that the U.S. Government is giving away.  So let me get this straight, educators have a very hard time coming together to find a solution to the problem of their failure to properly educate our kids but they can surely come together and gather military supplies for their school police departments.  Why do schools have their own police departments anyway?  It can’t be because it is so large that it needs one, this would be why the town or city that they locate in has one.  It can’t be because the rules at school differ that much from the ordinances and rules found in that very same town and city the school is located in, so why.  Must be because of the enormous amount of funding that district receives and since they do not wish to use it for the students, they have to use it somewhere and why not get your own police force, if for no other reason than to control what actually gets reported or happens on your campus.

Really, I mean think about it, at what point would a school police department need grenade launchers and riot control gear.  Are they expecting a raid by the students on the lunch room or maybe they got them to clear the hallways after the bell rings?  Of all the gear that was reported the school police departments got, the only one which makes sense is what one school did with their mine resistant armored vehicle.  It was reported that the “San Diego Unified School District is painting its MRAP white and hoping to use the Red Cross symbol on it to assuage community worries, said Ursula Kroemer, a district spokeswoman. The MRAP has been stripped of weapon mounts and turrets and will be outfitted with medical supplies and teddy bears for use in emergencies to evacuate students and staff, she said.”  Now if all school district did this or had a primary use of the MRAP to use to evacuate students during school shootings or when no other type of vehicle could be used to reach people in peril, then okay but just to have just in case.  What’s next, will they find a need for nuclear weapons launch codes as well?


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