Finally the Truth about the ISIL Threat

For some time now, people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham has been trying desperately to push this country into another long, drawn-out war in the Middle East.  A war, I must say, in which they will not have an active role in and have to dodge one bullet but will see the less that 1 percent having to re-engage if for no other reason than strictly political and try to make up for the lies that many helped spread to get us into Iraq in the first place.

Some have avoided catering to their egos but still there are those who just can’t seem to help but seek their advice when it comes to things dealing with war as if their bad judgment of the past meant nothing.  The thousands of American lives lost do not seem to bother those who run straight to those cheerleaders.  Now Lindsey Graham is screaming like a little school girl who got her scarf caught in the car door as the vehicle was pulling off.  He’s saying that ISIL needs to be dealt with before they come over here and kill us all.  Someone please give that man a chill-pill and tell him to have a coke and a smile and shut up.

First let me put your mind to rest about a few truths about this so-called perfect military machine called ISIL.  The tactics they use are not unlike any that we have not seen before and much of it are those that we used to teach and implore ourselves, so we can check off the box that says in order to defeat your enemy you must first know your enemy.  We know them and their strategy quite well.  Second this army is growing because they are getting paid.  They are not joining ISIL because they believe in what they are supposed to be fighting for.  Those joining are joining to get paid, per and simple.  It’s not about ideology, it’s about money.  Third, if you have ever wondered why those who believe so strongly in what they are doing cover their faces, wonder no more.  Cowards do not want to be seen doing anything in the light and they think that covering up a portion, if not all of, their faces will keep their identify a secret.   Fourth and finally, these are probably people who could not make it in their own countries army so they go where ever they will be accepted and as long as the money is good, they will stay.  It won’t be long, however, before these snakes get homesick and slink back to the very place that they swore and was willing to fight against.

I would think someone within ISIL is smart enough to explain to them that no matter how divided America may appear and sometimes seem, bring your greasy butt here and try to conquer this nation and you will find that every single one of us will bury you.  The truth about ISIL is it is filled with people who will sell their soul to the highest bidder and have little if any decency, ethics or morals.  They are not real Muslims and they can care less about the Koran.  The only thing that they truly respect is money and if you really want to wreck ISIL, offer those in the organization a few dollars more and those rats will desert the ship.  You may even be able to get them to assassinate leaders whom Americans may have a difficult time getting next to.


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