Landlords Authorized to Legally Violate Tenants Rig

If you have ever tried to rent a home or apartment, you know that the most important and often repeated phrase by any landlord is “have to check your credit”.  While this may provide landlords a moment of control and sanity, it violates the rights of potential tenants and lends them to be pre-judged based upon a piece of paper which may or may not be correct.  Lord knows how often you find mistakes on your credit report and the gamut of games you have to play to get it cleared.  This always happens after the fact, however, and the opportunity to relocate, secure and settle your family is lost.  Now the character of that potential renter is damaged, the degree of depression it casts upon that renter is palatable and an inquiry is added which will decrease that all important number which all things are based upon called a score. 

But the most damaging thing out of all those is that this act of insanity continues because landlords, far and wide, have been allowed to trample all over renter’s credit scores believing that they were protecting themselves while only repeating that same long, drawn out process that never really bares fruit.  I speak of the running of credit on all that fills out an application, pays the application fee that many landlords charge and then being ignored if the score does not match what landlords deem as the right one.  If this process was as beneficial as many landlords would like for people to believe, there would be very few if any empty homes all over the city.  Ask any landlord how often they have found renters with that all perfect credit scores that was looking to rent.  Ask any landlord how successful they have been at filling their empty properties with renters who had a perfect score and made every payment on time.  After that, then ask them if they have ever ran into someone who do not have that perfect credit but turned out to be that perfect tenant once they moved in.  That perfect tenant who would have never been able to prove that they were more than a credit score had it not been for that landlord finally realizing that bad things does often happen to good people and we all deserve a chance.  This is the renters insanity cycle.

Now we are all very much aware that there will always be that 10 percent, who seeks nothing but a free ride but that 10 should never be allowed to damage or demean to remaining 90 percent who wish to and have been trying to change their circumstances for what seems like eons.  Landlords are allowed to damage your credit by adding inquiries on it but are not required to make entry to your report for those who pay their rent on time and never miss a beat.  Sounds like to me, it is nothing more than a silent but sure way to keep those who rent, renting and those who own, owning.  How can a nation ever rise, if those who are already position to rise with it are still standing on the necks of those desiring to rise? 


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