Cop Shootings is not all about Race

Recently I found myself getting more and more annoyed with African-Americans whose only take on the recent rash of police shootings is that race is what was behind it.  I don’t disagree with that but those with the opportunity to get in front of a camera must also realize that it is not the only reason.   In an effort to try and fix the entire problem instead of the issue that only blacks feel, we need to look at one more blatantly obvious sign that many are blinded to. It’s not as much about race as it is about the perception of wealth.

Take for example the thought pattern that runs through the head of any officer who is about to pull over an influential person.  The first thought is not about whether they are guilty of the reason why the officer is pulling him over but that what the results may be after he does so.  You can bet that he/she knows that if they were to even think about pulling them over, they had better have all their ducks in a row.  This provides them with a pause in their actions and allows for clear contemplation before action.  Because they fear the results, they hesitate to engage these perceived lawyers on retainer, citizens and they make sure that what they are stopping them for is much more serious than just not wearing a seat belt

This is not the case with many minorities and not only is it not the first thought that enters their minds but it also proves to be therapeutic to some officers.  They are now able to work out some of their frustrations upon those that they fear not can or will be able to amount a defense and hold them responsible for their actions.  The only concern they need to consider is if they are being videotaped.  As long as there is no clear evidence against him/her, they can keep getting away with this behavior.  Now let’s not get this whole thing twisted and think that this is only the case in white officer, black male scenarios.  This exist in all episodes involving police with an attitude and people believed not to have two nickels to rub together meaning there is no worry of them being able to hire a good lawyer.

So you see people, as much as some blacks would like you to believe that it is all about race and as much as some wealthy people would like for you to believe that all minorities are drug dealers and criminal, none of that is the complete truth.  The complete truth is all of them have a point but there are also many things that are not even considered.  It seems that once we get an idea about something, we think that it is the total of the problem and we refuse to consider that there are other ingredients added to make this soup.  This may explain why so many get frustrated after thinking that they have diagnosed the problem but the problem still persists.  It persists because you may have fixed one aspect of the issue but there are still many more that you never considered.


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