ISIL Mind Games on Muslims are same as Americans Play on Each Other

The media all ablaze with the latest news regarding the airstrikes.  Many with the ability to hold serve on camera making lob shots into an art form and those with the authority to right the ship are missing or absent from the bridge.

To make my point, consider when it comes to foreign affairs the usual suspects are quickly rounded up by cable news shows thinking that booking them will increase viewership and ratings.  Only what they don’t know or care not to know is that they are being used to spread their propaganda just like those radical groups we all swear to hate.

We say that it is important to stop the ruining of young minds with all the hate and racism rhetoric but we continue to listen to and report this same crap over every single airwaves that we can find.  Fox News will always seek the advice of a proven fabricator like Dick Cheney when it comes to foreign policy of this administration.  Now this is the same guy who had a hand in the Desert Storm deal but to his surprise and dismay, Desert Storm was a quick and decisive campaign.  I guess this is where Dick Cheney hangs his hat and what makes him a legend in his own mind before he attempted the same thing in Iraq that did not go as he envisioned. 

Listen closely to what is reported that he said on the Hannity Show as described by Sam Levine for the Huffington Post in his article titled “Dick Cheney Really Wants An Another War In The Middle East. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”  “Asked by Hannity how could Obama have been so wrong on so many issues when it comes to ISIS, the former vice president said, "I think it's deliberate. I think [Obama] has a world view, and increasingly what he's found is that it isn't consistent with reality."  Cheney hit Obama for his hesitation to heed certain military advisers in his response to ISIS, "[Obama] clearly lacks the experience, and also I think the respect, for our senior commanders," Cheney said.”  This coming from a man who orchestrated the outing of Valerie Plane because they did not agree with him on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or senior commanders who advised strongly against the Iraq Invasion from the start.  “Both Cheney’s have blamed the foreign policy of President Barack Obama for the rise of the Islamic State.  "Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many,” they wrote in a joint op-ed in June. Earlier this month, the former vice president met with House Republicans and urged them to support muscular military action in the region.”  No one seems to want to ask him about being wrong on Iraq and so much more or opening this same country to his company Halliburton by chasing its oil when it was illegal to do so.  Or even why his company who built housing for the military built them so badly that some died trying to use the shower.

Like everyone else, we spread hate and discontent each and every time we open our mouths before engaging our brains.  We don’t seem to care if what we say about our President is heard overseas and therefore embolden those who wish to do us harm.  We don’t seem to care that how weak and pathetic we say our administration is carries with it a lot of weight for those like ISIL and other terrorist groups.  This is why they believe that they can recruit right here in the United States, why so many militia groups have sprang up and why some who enjoy the freedom of this nation, will sell their soul to the highest bidder because they drink the same tea as those who spend their entire existence snipping at the party on the other side.

To view anyone who disagrees with you as an enemy is the same dogma that ISIL follows today.  The Beirut Bombing created Hezbollah and they have been in existence ever since, all because we spent so much time chasing our tails and not taking the necessary time to consider the outcome of our actions.  Now we chase Dick Cheney, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and so many others that were dead wrong on Iraq, to give their opinion of this administration’s foreign policy as if they have never been wrong.  We do this and those who listen watch and learn from us, repeat this and we have the audacity to call them radical.

Dick Cheney does not care what happens to this nation as long as he can be proven right.  He doesn't care how many more have to die because he nor anyone near him will never have to dodge one bullet.  Those who follow Cheney will adopt this strategy and mindset, replacing him to continue to throw barbs at anyone that do not agree with their ideology.  The same can be said about ISIL, who uses these same tactics in the same manner.  They do not believe in Allah nor do they care what the Quran really say about anything.  They will continue to spew this idea of theirs and if you do not conform or believe as they do, you will be labeled as an enemy.  The Bible tells us to be careful what we sow because it will be what we reap, we sow hatred toward each other and now we reap the bounty in the form of terrorist groups.  Good job America maybe if we try a little harder we can facilitate bigger damages to ourselves.


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