Conservatives say ISIL is at our Gates, so why is Congress on Leave

Conservative lawmakers and some sheriffs have been heard making noise about ISIL streaming through the border from Mexico or planning to come to America to kill us all.  How irresponsible is that but what makes even less sense is the lack of complaining that if what they claim is happening, why are these same people raising holy hell about congress taking another major break from their constitutional duty to help govern this nation and protect this country.
I do not see nor hear any news outlet, local or national, questioning those in Washington as to what brain-less idiot decided to take another long vacation while we are under this so-called life threatening situation?  It’s as if their only concern is keeping their jobs which really do not make any sense because if ISIL is at our gates, their jobs would be lost anyway.

I hear so many choose to target the president and his administration about leading from behind or being slow to the point but I hear no one being held responsible for the lack of action in this congress.  Job bills have been sitting in the House of Representatives all this time with no action and nothing.  There are so many problems that congress was hired to do that haven’t been touched and nothing.  Just because the leadership of congress says that they will be closed does not mean that a few who really do take being hired by the public serious, could not stay around and put on the floor these solutions or stick around and work on finding one.

Regardless, congress and those who sit idly by and allow them to get away with this dereliction of duty will eventually have to pay for that decision because what you put out is what you get back in return.  This failure is their sin to pay for and their row to hoe.  Those who lack the power or influence to get them back to doing what they were hired to do will survive and thrive while those who run like rats at the first sign of stepping up and standing up for the voters will soon find that uneasy and teeth rattling consequences for shedding their responsibilities.

I guess the real fault does lie with those who voted for these cowards and put them in office.  I assume that these cowards can get away with it as long as they are able to keep those who would demand more from them at home on Election Day and draw out those who could really care less about this country to the voting booths.  I just can’t understand how anyone can say that they love this country but stand by and allow any of this to happen.  If you don’t do your job, you will get fired but those who just don’t want to work in Washington seem not to fear that being their results, we need to change that if we ever expect to finally get the country we all deserve.


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