The ISIL Threat, 31 Years in the Making

It is always been a question as to where all these radical groups who truly hate America came from.  Now the homegrown ones, we know when, how and why they were created but the mystery about foreign haters always perplexed us that are until now.

The extreme hatred of this nation can be traced back 31 years beginning with the Beirut Bombing when the Honorable Ronald Reagan was in the White House, George H.W. Bush was by his side and Richard (Dick) Cheney was in his ear.  Want proof of what I say, consider this.
Prior to October 23rd, 1983, President Reagan had Okayed shelling from the waters of Lebanon villages without discretion.  Killing women and children because he wanted to “teach them a lesson”.  The brains of the administration decided to give those angered by this shelling a target so they sent over Marines to act as peace keepers, tying their hands and making the Rules of Engagement policy so tight that you could hear a flea fart from miles away.  Those enraged by the killing of their innocence banded together and decided to exact revenge.  They packed explosives into 4 trucks and plowed them into the barracks on a Sunday morning at the Beirut Airport.

These fighters were further emboldened when the brains in Washington decided to whimper home with their tails between their legs, never to return.  They had defeated the infidels and it made for one helluva party after we left.  Every single Marine the world over prepared themselves to make them atone for that bombing but those bright stars in Washington would not give us that chance.  Every sense that day, the respect and fear that the name United States of America had was lost.  Radical group began to spring up all over the world and some of them were even being armed by the very country that they swore to destroy.  It made these groups begin to think that no nation, superpower or not, could stand against them.  This, America is how groups like Hezbollah and so many others began, each no longer worried or concerned about America’s might.   Just kill a barracks full of them and they will run away just like the Russians did in Afghanistan. 

Now those who still live with this buried deep within their very souls has to now fight against the very people that they buried over 300 of their fellow brother-in-arms fighting for.  We are told that since Congress never declared them hostilities a war, we don’t rate and didn't earn anything.  We are told that if our discharge paper does not reflect receipt of a particular medal, we do not rate and didn't earn anything.  We are told that since we cannot prove that we were “in country”, we don’t rate and we didn't earn anything.  Never mind that some of us wear “the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal  which was created to award those who participated in any military campaign for which no other service medal is authorized” or “ the National Defense Medal with was intended to be a blanket medal awarded to service members who served honorably during certain designated time periods .” 

None of this matter to those who were playing at America’s playground while we were breathing sand and eating jungle dirt.  These are the ones who now control whether what we were asked to do was just or not and whether we deserve even a shot at a decent life when we come home.  


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