Obama falling poll numbers, who are they asking?

The real world is full of wonderment especially when you compare it to the media world or the cable news universe when they talk about President Obama’s shrinking poll numbers.  I listen to all them even Fox News and say to myself, I wonder who they are asking and how the question is being phrased to get this information.  I wonder that because there are several others factors that maybe those who are so quick to quote numbers are failing to consider.

Are they asking those that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is actually helping?  Are they asking the insurance companies competing in this marketplace and watching their profits and bottom line soar?  If so then how are they phrasing the question because there are a lot of stories like the one written by Joan McCarter titled “Big Obamacare news:  Premium falling in seven big cities” for the Daily Kos where she reports “Remember "rate shock" and the dire warnings from Republicans about how Obamacare would cause premiums to skyrocket? Not happening in 2015. At least not in seven large cities around the country. Kaiser Family Foundation analyzed announced premium increases in 15 states scattered across the country, and found that the highest premium increase—in Nashville, Tennessee—will be 8.7 percent, lower than the average double-digit increases historically seen. And in Denver, premiums will drop by 15.6 percent.  How is this happening? Good old capitalism, competition in the marketplace says co-author of the report, Larry Levitt.  This is great news for taxpayers—because these premiums are falling, the federal government is going to be spending less to provide these tax credits to Obamacare customers. It's also pretty great news for Obamacare and its supporters—the law isn't going to be busting the budget.”

Are they asking those millionaires and billionaires making money hand over fist in the stock market?  The same stock market that was supposed to not recover so fast due to the new financial law, Dodd-Frank.  The same stock market that was thought to be bankrupted and headed in a downward spiral from which this administration was not going to be able to save it.  If so how was the question phrased or will it be blamed on those with the millions and billions still not happy and hate that it was this president who did it.  I ask because there are also many stories like the one penned by Matt Egan for CNNMoney titled “That was fast. New record for stock market” saying “It wasn't exactly "shock-and-awe," but stocks churned out another record close on Wednesday thanks to strong results from companies like Apple and Delta.”  Maybe this credit will go to companies like Apple and Delta.

Or did they ask those who was once buried in student loans like myself who just learned that I can receive and qualify for an alternate plan where I will be allowed to pay just $5.00 per month, eventually pull this student loan out of default, watch it enhance my personal credit scores and feel more like a responsible person because I am now able to pay my debts.  This new law now gives me a chance to go back to school to get that degree so many companies say that you must have to get that good paying job.  And if they are asking folks like me, how is the question phrased to reflect such low poll numbers? 

I think it may have more to do with whose numbers they are using and the fact that they truly believe that the best news is bad news.  I honestly believe that leaving their viewers with a positive picture of this nation does not appear to be within their best interest.  There are more feel-good stories out there but as long as bad news is what sells, I’m guessing that is all we will hear.  Sad really, you might think that feeling good about your country; its leaders and its direction would be what we all would want if we truly did care about this nation.


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