Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Hyped by Media Again

To all readers and junkies of gossip or cable news, don’t you think it’s time we stop responding to the headlines of stories and hold all fire until we have read the entire story?  Must not because many of you are at it again simply based on the title of the piece called “Duck Dynasty Patriarch: 'I'm As Much Of A Homophobe As Jesus Was' by Ahiza Garcia posted on TPM Livewire.

Many of you are already cancelling your subscriptions to Duck Dynasty Magazine or hastily running to your individual corners to armor up and come out swinging for one side or the other.  Not really caring to get the whole story just to make sure that those whom you believe you can influence or frighten know where you stand.   The question is, will you still be holding the same position if you truly did see the entire interview or read the entire story.

TPM Livewire reports that “Phil Robertson, the patriarch of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" reality TV show, appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to promote his new book, which is partially a response to the flack he received for offensive comments last year.  Robertson was criticized after he denounced homosexuality as a sin in a GQ article that was published in December. In his interview with the ABC program, Robertson explained his comments.  "The only place I know of that I could have gone to answer that question whether it was a sin or not would be a Bible," Robertson said. Robertson balked when GMA's Ryan Owens asked him whether he considered himself a homophobe.  "I’m as much of a homophobe as Jesus was," Robertson said. "People who are participating in homosexual behavior, they need to know that I love them."  Robertson also addressed the criticism he fielded for saying he'd never seen a black person mistreated in pre-civil rights Louisiana.  "There is one race," Robertson said during his GMA appearance. "One race. On this planet. It's called the human race. We're all the same. To me there is absolutely nothing that has color to do with it."

Now out of the entire writing of this author for TPM Livewire as he quotes what Phil Robertson said, the only thing I find myself in disagreement with him is the idea that treatment of a people has nothing to do with color.  I say that not only does it but much of the treatment anyone receives is based on it.  But the man is entitled to his opinion; I mean he has a mixed adopted grandchild.  I have enjoyed Duck Dynasty and I am sure that I will again as soon as I am able to match up my schedule with the new episodes.  Knowing that there are areas in which we differ only tends to make me admire him more because if nothing else, debating with a man like Phil Robertson will do more for me and make me a better person period.  Now don’t we all want to be the best person that we could be?


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