People miss the Opportunity to walk in the Footsteps of Jesus Everyday

To hear those with the loudest claims of being a Christian, you hear them constantly telling you how you should live, what you are doing wrong and why you may never reach the promise of eternal life but what they do not tell you about is the missed opportunities to follow in the footsteps of Jesus every day.  They fail to help you understand that it does take a special person to create a special event and that special person is you.  Every day you can stand where Jesus stood and perform as many miracles as you wish.  You can help the blind to see, the deaf to hear and give the very souls of all those around you, a lift that only seems to come from heaven.  Sounds far-fetched don’t it?  Sounds like something that only God-like people can perform right?  Wrong and because you are wrong is why so many miss walking with Jesus each and every day.  For those who find it still so hard to believe that Jesus always walked with the common person and he walks with us today or for those who have yet to figure out what I am talking about, let me do what you should have come to know about me, let me make it simple.

To walk with Jesus, to perform those millions of miracles that I spoke about earlier, to reduce sins hold on you, all you have to do is what Jesus asked; treat people like you wish to be treated.  Consider this, you wake up every morning and see family members in your home.  Just simply saying good morning could be the difference between them having a good day and them having a bad one.  To be able to help them enjoy that one day is a miracle and one that we can perform every day.  If you are fortunate to have a job, the travel between it and home offers you billions of chances to affect that next driver, walker or bus rider with simple smile and nod of the head.  While working, to allow others a clear path to speak on whatever topic they wish for as long as they wish erases those bad thoughts that occur when you feel frustrated and no one listens to you.  They can now continue to function if for no longer than just another day.  These little everyday miracles may not seem like much to you but if they are performed at the right time, for the right person, they can mean the difference between life and death.  Think about those who call a suicide line when you think about these things.

We all need to think of our presence here in Satan’s world as a calling, not an inconvenience nor a job.  If we can see our presence as a calling them we just might show that enormous amount of compassion that each and every one of us possess.  Telecommunication workers can often be heard saying my job is to take as many calls as possible but they are so wrong.  It is not robots on the other end of that phone, its people.  People who might not look like them but they do feel as they do, dream as they do and hope as they do.  They deserve better than to be marginalized as just another voice on the phone as those who take the call deserves to be treated better than a pain in the rear to those who call in.  We all deserve to be treated as human beings and as we would like others to treat us.  If you wish to find that smile in the morning that can guide your entire day, then first help another find that smile.  Is that too simple for you?

Now let’s get to that subject that I am sure many of you have been waiting on.  We talked about average you being able to help the blind to see, the deaf to hear and give souls a lift that only seems to come from heaven.  If you can clearly see something that others can’t even though they are looking in the very same direction, we define them as blind.  If you demonstrate by your life and your actions that it is important to you to be civil to every one you meet, that people who closely watch you every day who were not accustomed to doing that will and that is how you make the blind see.  If all you do during any conversation is speak positive about things, never allowing truth to be sacrificed for anything, watching closely how you present your point as non-offensive as possible, those who watch and now those who listen will eventually hear and after seeing you do it each time every time as well as seeing how much less stressful your life appears, they will pick up your delivery, manufacture their own personal delivery and follow suit.  Those who never could hear how the conversation was presented, now not only can they hear it but they practice it and this is how you just made the deaf to hear.  Remember those times you came upon a “happy” person and even though you wished others to believe that they bothered you, it really didn't.  It made you wish to be a little bit more cheerful, need I say it, this is how you give souls a lift.

Miracles can be performed and they are performed each and every day by ordinary people like you and me.  We can choose to make these miracles the kind Jesus’ performed or we can model them after Satan.  Either way these miracles cannot be avoided nor can they be stopped, you do not have a choice on performing them, your only choice is in what manner you do.  Are you really going to follow the footsteps of Jesus and treat people like you wish to be treated or are you going to claim to follow Jesus while your actions tell the opposite story.  It really that simple people and it really is your choice.  Choose well because your soul depends on it.


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