Roger Goodell and the NFL not the first but may just be the last

There is a major rumbling and it centers on National Football League (NFL) commissioner Roger Goodell and his handling of the Ray Rice Domestic Violence Incident.  So many are screaming for his head on a platter and a few are hastily racing over to stand in his corner.  Between these two camps we have heard everything that could have ever been dreamed up for defense and prosecution but has anyone ever though to just stop to see the bigger picture.

Yes, there is a great point made saying that the cover-up is all about big money and the serious chance of a huge loss in revenue.  This might mean that the owners may have to sell a few of their many vacation homes and high paid players might have to give up a few time shares and there are a few well-paid non-essential people who attach themselves to players and teams who may have to revise their resume but in the end, it is more than just about money.

Yes, there is a great point about domestic violence not being tolerated and that we all should band together to fight this terrible disease.  It is true that many domestic incidents never get reported so there may be millions who suffer from this abuse but find no solace because of the fear or embarrassment to voice it but in the end, it is more than just fear or embarrassment.

There is an article titled “Roger Goodell and NFL owe us some straight answers” written by Dan Shaughnessy for the Boston Globe reports that this incident “might be unsurvivable for the mighty commissioner of our most popular league.”  And this might just be the first smell of truth adorning this entire heaping mess.  My only question would then be if this is Goodell’s Waterloo what about the other commissioners who held that position and the identical positions all over sports who committed the same offense.  Are we now going to go back in time and hold them accountable as well?  You cannot seriously think that this crap begins with Goodell.  I believe if we were to take a peek under the curtain we would see many more incidents in all of sports harboring this same sediment of cover-up to save the game.  The players have been telling us this for years when they say that the game is bigger than just one person, it appears that the games are bigger than many people and the majority of them are women.

Now don’t get it twisted, there is enough blame to go around and as painfully as it may sound, women and significant others have got to take responsibility for the role that they play in this Broadway production.  And last but not least the viewers of these sports, the people who purchase those tickets and those who learn of but refuse to step up must also look into the mirror and be prepared to answer for our inaction.


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