Escaped Fugitive does to a Police Officer what Cancer could not thanks to our Justice System

Utah police nearly recaptured fugitive who killed officer’ written by Sally Ho, Michelle L. Price and Lindsay Whitehurst is the title of the piece that makes me say that an escaped fugitive accomplishes what cancer couldn’t and it is all thanks to our justice system that is designed to protect the public from those dangerous and consistent felons who just can’t seem to control their demons so they follow it’s directions and blaze a trail of pain, suffering, murder and mayhem.

The article reports; “A Utah police department is grieving for a fellow officer slain while working overtime to pay for his cancer treatments amid questions about why his shooter was on the streets in the first place, despite a long rap sheet. Officer Douglas Scott Barney, of Unified Police of Salt Lake County, was killed Sunday after coming across Cory Lee Henderson, who later died in a shootout with other officers.  Henderson, 31, had walked away from a state-run parolee drug treatment center last month. It was his latest cycle through federal prisons and halfway houses as he faced multiple gun and drug-related charges over the past decade.  Gang investigators had tracked him to a Salt Lake City suburb Friday night, but missed capturing him, said Lt. Lex Bell of the Unified Police.  Henderson had run a red light and crashed a car Sunday, then walked away. Barney, 44, who was responding after the crash, was found shot in the head, his gun still in the holster.  The father of three teenagers was working an overtime shift he'd taken to help pay off debt from his bladder cancer treatments. He had been a police officer 18 years.  Henderson also shot one of Barney's partners through both legs before he was killed. Officer Jon Richey, 51, was released from a hospital on Tuesday after his wounds were treated.  Officers didn't know Henderson was a fugitive until hours after the shooting, Bell said.  Henderson was released from prison on parole in April after serving a 14-month stint on a gun charge, but he violated his parole a two months later and a warrant went out for his arrest, court records show.  He was picked up on drug and firearm charges in October. For the parole violation, Utah's parole board sentenced Henderson to two months in prison followed by a stint at a state-run drug treatment center. The board did not know federal prosecutors planned to file new charges against him.  Federal prosecutors filed their drug and firearm charges in late November. He appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Evelyn Furse the following month, while he was still living at the drug treatment center.  Prosecutors said that might not be the best place for him, noting that he had violated supervised release at least 10 times in the past.  Furse acknowledged those concerns but said the treatment center sounded like a good opportunity, and decided to keep him there as he awaited trial.  Within 10 days, Henderson checked out to look for work and never came back.  Bell had worked closely with the slain officer and said the two shared Twizzlers candy and their memories of their first patrol jobs last week. Even people he put in handcuffs appreciated Barney's sense of humor, his colleague said.  "He's got them laughing before they ever go to jail," Bell said.”

Sometimes evil gives us plenty of times to correct a behavior and often times we totally ignore those opportunities.  We then think back afterwards but still instead of taking full responsibility for our miscalculations we tend to blame everyone else and even God.  We asked God for the courage and wisdom to see these things promising that if we do we will stop evil in it’s tracks, we fail and now one of the better cops who has ever placed on a uniform is gone from us.  Not from cancer which was sent to bring him down because he seemed to have beaten that, he was brought down by a fugitive, a person who he had protected us from for 18 years.  The element that this officer removed from our streets to keep his oath to serve and protect took his earthly life and all because those who were supposed to assist in the serving and protecting failed to put two and two together.

I can’t even find myself placing 100 percent of the blame on Cory Lee Henderson because he gave all those who could read plenty of opportunity to prevent him from doing further damage to society.  He had a 10 years reign of criminal behavior and escaped state-run halfway houses multiple times.  He had local and federal charges on him and a very long arrest record which should have clued our players in the justice system that maybe this person was better left where he could do no more damage.  This was not the case and because one hand simply do not know what the other hand was doing or some data entry clerk failed to insure that someone with a record like this was not one of the first who popped up or failed to advise other agencies of the information they had on him, Officer Douglas Scott Barney has to now continue to serve and protect his family in spirit instead of in body.

Hey America, still think that decisions you make will not affect anyone other than yourself?  Every day we make decisions but each decision is never viewed from the perception of another, it is made strictly to appease us and in that instance, when we fail to see what God has placed before us so plainly, we can also be the reason more good souls leave their bodies while the bad souls remain and continue to do the will of evil instead.  How many more must be evicted from their bodies before we finally understand that to truly control evil we must first control it within ourselves, then and only then can we control it within others.  The Bible tells us that for every brick we lay that helps another build their houses of God, we shall be responsible on judgment day.  I venture to say that all those who failed in this case will have to answer to God for their failure and death should not be our fear for it is written that having to answer for our misdeeds while here on earth will come with a much stiffer penalty. 


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