How smart are we really?

The world is constantly changing but there are somethings that never change.  One of those things is the competition between people of who is better, bigger, bolder and smarter than anyone else.  Today we attempt to measure the intelligence level of people by some tests which was created by a group of people claiming and receiving acknowledgment that they are supposed to be the elite of intelligence.  The sad part of all this truly is that no one is smarter than anyone else.  It is simply a matter of opportunity and aptitude than it is about anything else.

Consider this, you make straight “A” s in school and immediately you are viewed as smarter than the other kids in your class but this same straight “A” student would have a very hard time putting those mastered skills in action the very first time he/she has an opportunity to do so.  You can learn everything about the engine of an automobile from a book and repeat those lessons as eloquent and articulate perfectly but when tasked with rebuilding that same engine, those who know by book will not have the slightest clue as to which end of the wrench to use and where to begin.  However take someone who did not make straight “A” s in school or in that class but have had experience taking and rebuilding that engine.  That person could probably do it with his/her eyes closed so in this context that is smarter?  The one who can recite every verse and line of the book that taught them automotive or the person who cannot recite but can perform the task?

Now consider this as well.  Being smarter means that you know and can demonstrate that knowledge through practical application but that does not elevate you one iota of a position higher than anyone else because once the one who is not as smart as you learn by doing then placed in that same situation, they may be able to not only match your performance but surpass it.  The truer definition of smarter should be limited to the subject and the opportunity that was available for those considered smarter compared to the opportunity presented to those being seen as less smart.  The truer definition of smarter should be measured not in the ability to recall answers to a question but to the degree of aptitude that a person shows when presented with the opportunity to learn that subject.  In other words, if five people are given the same chance to learn something, some will excel while others fail but not because those who excelled was smarter, on the contrary, simply because those who failed did not have the desire to learn that subject.  Classic example is that some people are very good with math and there is very few problems that can be created that they cannot figure out however it is not because they are smarter than the rest just simply because they have a love of math, an aptitude to learn more about math and relish in the opportunity to shine in that subject.  Now take these same people and place them in a situation where the subject is geography, chemistry or another subject.  The results could be very different and after them how would you label them then.

To be truly smart we all must be able to admit to, submit to and own our shortcomings because only when we do this will we are truly smart and maybe even elevate ourselves to the statute of being wise.  To say that you are smarter than another does not prove anything but how dumb you actually are. Being smart means to have mastered the skill of standing tall all on your own without the aid of anyone of anything else.  A dumb person is in need of help standing tall by standing on the backs, shoulders or heads of others to achieve that same height that a truly smart person has obtained.  Look around and honestly answer if the smarts you think you possess is you standing alone or is it the result of you standing on others?


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