Out of the mouths of Babes come the words of God

For many of those still searching to hear the word of God, closely pay attention to the voice of a child.  A child that has not yet been tainted by the disease of evil, a child that speaks softly and has more wisdom than most adults who may have existed far too long in this hell-hole of our own creation.

I speak about the recent tragedies of children dying like the article titled “Desperate search for missing two-year-old Noah Chamberlin ends in tragedy as boy's body is found a week after vanishing while on a hike with his grandmother”  found in the Daily Mail or this article titled “5-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot in Beloit found on WIFR dot com.  Remember back when your child begged you not to fight.  Did you listen or did you allow evil to possess you and wanted to make sure you taught whomever a lesson about messing with you?  Do you constantly tell your children not to take anything from anyone and the true measure of a little boy being a man is when he stands up and fights for what he believes?  Are you constantly walking around your home like you are truly a king and all others within your home your subjects?  Did you forget that once when you were little, how much it bothered you to see people fighting?  All those times were choices that we made and with any choices or decision, there will always be consequences.  The true measure is what we do about those consequences and how we react to them.  We can learn by listening to the voice of that child within all of us who asks us not to become violent or we can ignore that voice and do what evil wants us to do.

In the situation regarding Noah Chamberlain, that two year old that vanished in the woods, I think it all happened this way; they went on a walk and since he was shorter, grandma and sister told him that if he does not stop crying and keep up, they were going to leave him. They called themselves walking on, talking on over his cries and before they knew it he had fallen so far back and took a wrong turn. After they realized it, they froze from fear and this same fear gripped the entire family. God's will is never to allow a child to suffer so image that child being terrified all alone in the woods. God swooped in and comforted him and allowed his spirit to leave his earthly body and therefore all earthly pain and suffering.  This all happened because the grandmother and sister made a choice.  This all happened because mom and dad made a choice.  This all happened because they forgot to listen to that child’s voice which told them that something bad was going to happen today.  That child’s voice that told them not to leave that little boy behind.  That child’s voice that said even though grandmother says leave him, I feel like I shouldn’t.

In the situation regarding that five year old shot in Beloit, It all happened because dad refused to quell this thing while in the company of his son.  It all happened because the shooters failed to listen to that child’s voice that said don’t shoot.  It all happened because both dad and shooters was so intent upon getting cut off in traffic that they ignored the child’s voice that asked them to just let it go.  It all happened because dad chooses not to find a very public place or the local police station to stop and report that car following them.  It all happened because the shooter was too ignorant to realize that standing behind a gun does not prove your manhood and too much of a coward to stick around to plead his case.  It all happened because evil was riding in those vehicles with them and neither had the backbone to caste and kick evil out.

Many stand around and say that if God truly existed there would be no evil in the world but what they choose to forget is evil was never brought to this world in the first place.  What we choose to forget is man brought evil into this world and if man brought evil in, man can kick evil out. We brought evil in when Adam refused to listen to God and that child within him and choice to submit to his wife and evil by taking a bite of that apple.  Since that time man has been taking a bigger and bigger bite of that same apple.  We have the power and authority to caste out the demon within us all but that choice is up to each individual.  If we seek evil to be erased from this world, we must erase it from ourselves, ask others to do the same and demonstrate through our actions the benefits of doing so.  Other than that, evil shall never be eradicated and as long as we ignore our job, it will continue to rule.

Some say that it was God’s will but I strongly disagree because from where I sit, it was not God's will that Noah die in the woods all alone, that was man's will because they could have done better. It was not God's will to inflect pain and suffering on that little boy, his sister or that family that was man's will. It is not God's will to have evil run amok on this earth, this is man's will simply because evil can only be erased from this planet and universe when each and every man, woman and child choose to erase evil from their very souls. In the beginning, it may have been God's will to exact vengeance but now we have a new agreement with God called the New Testament and under it, God's will is simply to comfort, educate and love each of us without favor.  It was not God’s will that the five year old would get shot and died in a car seat in the back of a car that was man’s will.  . It was not God's will to inflect pain and suffering on that little boy or that family that was man's will.  Both children was suffering, in pain and probably feeling so very alone and God would never allow any of his children especially a child to go through that all alone.

So now the question becomes, so why did he have to take them?  My thought is maybe he saw the future of both these kids and realized that that the pain and suffering the choices made by those who are assigned to guard and protect them would subject them to so much more as the years passed, that they were better off being taken now and sent back later.  Maybe he saw that the change necessary for those moms, dad, grandmothers, sisters, brothers and family members would never come close to changing if the children had been left with them and then maybe, just maybe he knew that those assigned to protect, nurture, love and properly educate would never change and continue to place that child’s life and all others lives in jeopardy.  Maybe he knew that none of these caring Christian folks would ever listen to the voice of a child.


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