I accept that Dare Allen West and offer another on Gun Control

Heard something the other day that made me have to try and find it again.  Heard someone say how right Allen West was about the executive actions of President Obama.  Now I do not agree with everything President Obama does but there are somethings that I can agree with him on and if what I have read about his executive actions on gun control is true, he has my support.  It is rumored that he is asking for all those who sell guns in any form or fashion to conduct an extensive background check on those they are selling them to.  How I see that helping is the expense of this extensive background can be used in their deduction when doing taxes and if they discover that this person who wishes to buy should not, by law, be able to possess a firearm then they have potentially saved a life.  Mr. West says that nothing in this executive order would have prevented any of the recent shootings and on that he is correct but I wish to also ask Mr. West that knowing no illegal person will ever follow any law established but making any effort to keep guns out of the hands of people who should never possess them and saving one life in the process is worth the extensive background check?

While searching for that particular article, I came upon this one penned by Mr. West himself titled “What Obama is planning for the State of the Union is an INSULT to our military”  in which much of what he says is not new or any different from anyone who cannot see President Obama as less than a man so no real news there, but even his title provides me with one question that doesn’t seem to merit anyone else asking.  While in the U.S. House of Representatives, what proposals or bills did you initiate on behalf of veterans?  The other thing that got me a little fired up was this sentence “And I dare any leftist progressive socialist to defend what Obama did, as well as Hillary Clinton’s complicity”.  Now I don’t know if I would be classified as a “leftist progressive socialist” but I do wish to take that dare and defend the actions as well as offer Mr. West this view from a possible leftist progressive socialist.  There will always be hope for me Mr. West because hope is not dispensed by any man or woman, hope is dispensed by God and as long as I hold him higher in regards than I do anyone of anything else, I shall always have hope.

As a retired U.S. Marine, I look upon those who served disparaging a sitting Commander-in-Chief with the utmost in disdain.  There is a point to where all officers and enlisted men or women should always be gentlemen and gentle ladies.  It is fine to disagree with any persons stance on a subject as long as those disagreements can be backed up with fact rather than fiction.  It’s okay if you do not understand why those who make decisions made them but there is a need to inquire and try to better understand their reasoning instead of following a group who has managed to destroy the very country we all claim to love from the inside.  Allowing others to see such a hate-filled opposition to anyone in power will diminish that power and if it is allowed to continue, will eventually diminish the institution.  No one, including myself, are beyond and above mistakes or miscalculations so to act as if since you are who you are that others must then bow their heads and follow your lead is a gross miscalculation in the power of a spine.  I gladly accept your dare Mr. West and offer you one.  I dare you to state the president’s mistakes and then provide solutions as if you had been sitting in that chair.


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