Stacey Dash has a point but we cannot hear it over all the noise

First off let me say that I do not agree with everything that Stacey Dash said both during her meltdown and using profanity when it came to President Obama nor do I agree with her doing it on Fox News where many of us go to die and I do not especially agree with her when she suggested that we do away with Black History Month unless it is finally incorporated into the larger text of American History to also include the attribute of Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and all other Americans that are left out of current text.  In other words, if Christopher Columbus gets two paragraphs then all those who sailed and discovery something regardless of skin tone or color gets two paragraphs, considering of course since Christopher never really discovered America in the first place.

I’m talking about the same Stacey Dash who is the principal in this article titled  “Stacey Dash Responds to BET Backlash by Slamming the Network for 'Lying to Black People'  by Jackie Willis for Entertainment Tonight.   This all started because many people were whining about the lack of black actors and actress being left off the nomination list.  Another shining object designed to draw our attention from more important and pressing things and another win for evil whose primary task is to keep us at each other’s throat so we don’t see what he is up to.

The article reports; “Stacey Dash isn't backing down on her call to get rid of Black Entertainment Television (BET), the NAACP Image Awards and Black History Month.  The Clueless actress took to her blog on Thursday to further pen her point of view in a post titled: "How BET Lies to Black People."  "My problem goes back to the notion that every area of life needs to break down exactly according to demographic ratios except in those areas in which black people have decided they want to have their own space," she wrote. "I don't have a problem with black people having their own space. I have a problem with the folks at BET absolutely freaking out when other institutions don't match up to what they think is best."  Dash's remarks became even more scathing towards the cable channel. "BET lies to American black people by telling them that the rest of America is racist, so stick close to your own kind," she wrote. "Anything that promotes segregation is bad!"  She added, "I'm thankful for all of the acting jobs I've had. But I look forward to the day when people don't self-segregate based on skin color, while loudly complaining about a segregated society."

If it wasn’t for the noise, some of us may be able to look at what she said and unconsciously nod our heads for what she said in the above text is true.  Think about the fact that BET is called Black Entertainment Network and to anyone not knowing the real deal like it truly being owned by Viacom, you would assume that if you wanted to see black directed, stars and history you would find it there.  That is not the case, too many very important people of history were black but you will never find their stories on BET.  Sure they play the regulars like Dr. Martin Luther King but what about telling the stories of the Duke of Wellington or Stanley Morgan and so many more like them.  If BET was true to form, African-American children could go to that channel and find out that people who look like them had just as much to do with the building of this nation as white people and that may just erase the need to whine each and every time things are not the way you want them to be.
It is also courageous of Whoopi Goldberg to step out there as well and embrace a few things that Ms. Dash said.  According to that same article mentioned above, it was reported that “On Thursday morning, the ladies of The View slammed Dash for wanting to abolish BET. Whoopi Goldberg explained that networks like BET exist because other channels refused to take shows with an all-black cast.  Goldberg also had a big issue with Dash wanting to get rid of Black History Month. "The thing is, it's not taught. Asian history is not taught in school. As it pertains to America – American history holds all of us, and she's right in that," she explained. "Yes, we are all Americans, but we are not all treated like Americans."  I still say that as long as we separate ourselves we have no standing to complain about segregation.  We have all these other awards ceremonies and in many very few if any other races are awarded but I don’t hear too much fuss about that.  Yes we are all Americans as Ms. Goldberg said but it is not up to others to treat us like we don’t act.  If we want to be treated like Americans then stop this separate but equal crap and let us all begin to demand complete inclusion into the history books as well as all over the television and not just on one channel.  As long as there is a place for us to gather, there will never be any place where we can stand together.  Take the baby bottle out of your mouth and stop looking for a place to belong because if you truly think you are an American, then you have already found your place.


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