Hey America if you wish to stop evil in the world stop being ignorant

Stupidity can be fixed and often is when those who are stupid learn more about that subject which displays them as being stupid.  Remember stupid does not know something but ignorance is much harder to fix because it is often taught and en grained within us so deep that it may take years to uproot and destroy.  Some find it relieving to have ignorance uprooted and therefore will allow their beliefs and values to be enhanced or questioned but so many of us are so bull-headed about what we believe or was taught that to even begin the process of educating them on another perception often results in violence or the threat of violence.

If one notices, may differ and become quite animate, vocal and violent when it comes to labeling and recognizing evil.  Some has even gone as far as to blame the existence of evil on God and throw up their hands claiming if he truly existed, there would be no evil.  The only problem with this take on earthly life is the true entry for evil is the very same people complaining that we need to rid the world of it.  The ignorance of those who think that evil is a separate and self-supporting entity that travels the world creating havoc, injury and death.  It’s truly ignorant because if we look closely at the actions of this evil, they all have one thing in common.  Evil carries with it the form, attitude and selfishness of a human being.  A human being who may be found to have cried foul about the very same evil that he/she commits.  Evil will be around as long as man continues to try and serve two masters.  Evil exist and grows stronger each time we fail or refuse to see that we are the form from which evil operates and not situations or events.  Think about it, all of the events that happen which takes away earthly lives, causes earthly bodily damage or injuries were created by us and are carried out by us.

Those patriots who claim that they wish to take their country back, when asked what exactly they mean will quote saying from the Bible and from the Constitution as the basis for their argument.  Hate to break it to you my friends, but you cannot serve two masters.  The Bible says that God is a jealous God and does not wish to have you serve two masters.  You have to choose one or the other.  You cannot serve God and man at the same time but Americans try so very hard to do this each and every day.  Want proof; try this one on for size. 

They call those who wrote the Constitution our Founding Fathers but in the Bible in the Book of Matthews, Jesus is recorded as telling us that there is only one father and he is God so how ignorant is it to defy God’s wishes by labeling mortal men father, following every word that they say but ignoring the word of God?  They call the Constitution a living-breathing document which was given to us to show us how government should work and how we should treat each other.  They built court systems upon this document and even allow a Supreme Court to be the law of the land however we stay ignorant that the first and only document delivered to God’s people with that same details is called the Ten Commandments and Solomon taught us how our justice system was supposed to work.  The Bible tells us that anyone who serves God should never take his brother or sister to court to sue but that fact falls upon deaf ears and goes back to my saying.  America you can’t serve two masters, pick one.

Many wish you to believe that bring back prayer and the pledge of allegiance into the schools will ease the problems we are having in this world but again, two masters.  Prayer is supposed to be a conversation between God and his people, one at a time or in some instances in a group of two or more but the pledge of allegiance is about swearing loyalty to a flag or a nation which is under God.  Two masters at one time, people let’s get real.  We worship power, influence, money and status as if it was the only true road to happiness but ask those who have achieve this status and see if they are really happy.  God tells us that true happiness first and foremost begins with being happy with ourselves but we cannot be happy with ourselves because we are not yet rich, powerful, and influential.  God tells us that we are lords over evil and only by invitation can evil every enter our soul but we allow evil in every time we know what not to do but do it anyway, we invite evil in each and every time we are ignorant.  It would stand to reason that we are chosen and there are only two above us.  There is God and then Jesus before all of his children whether black, white, blue, green or purple.  We are third in line but we will never achieve our rightful place because we wish to remain ignorant and allow evil to find a home within our souls instead of casting him out with the same power that God gave to his son Jesus.

Ignorance is woven deep within the fibers of our being but it can be removed and eradicated as many of us claim to want.  It can be done but first it must be done by each and every one of us to our own souls first, then we can demonstrate to those who stand stupid by our actions how this is possible. You need to remember people, once you are done trampling this world in human form; it is not over because until Jesus returns again, you will still have to trample this world in your true form, your spirit. 


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