The Difference between Free of Sin and being Sin-Free

Let me say right here and now that no mortal living in the flesh upon this earth, this planet and in the billions of universes seen and unseen will ever be sin free.  Being sin free means that you have detailed your life to never sin in any way shape or form which is impossible being that because you are of the flesh the very thought that you are sin free is in itself a sin.  To be free of sin simply means that your actions are not controlled or govern by sin and that is very easy to do.  In order to be free of sin, think carefully about any decision that you are about to make, then look into that decision from the prospective of another person before continuing and making that decision final.  In other words, before you strike another person who you feel has wronged you, think about all the times Jesus might have thought of knocking a few people off their pedestals but didn’t because that action would not show the true love of God our father.  That simple action is what is meant when you claim being free of sin but realize that the simple thought of striking another person regardless of the amount of time it took is a clear example of how we cannot and never will be sin free.  Jesus is recorded as telling us that if the thought entered our minds at any time, we have just sinned.  He was attempting to let us know that the very thought of sinning is a sin so how can anyone who think bad of another person, judge them in anyway be sin free and anyone who acts upon those thoughts can never be free of sin.

Evil wishes us to assume that thinking about sinning is one thing while stopping short of acting upon those thoughts is another but if we wish to closely follow the path of Jesus, we learn that this is not true.  We know this not by what others tell us or what we think in order to avoid responsibility for our actions, we know this because it is recorded within the Bible that this is what Jesus said and if we are going to believe anyone about what it is that God truly wants and expects from us then the best source of that knowledge has to be his son.  Evil wishes us to think that all we have to do is ask God for forgiveness for each and every sin we commit and in a way evil may be close to the truth on this one but what we ignore or choose to ignore is that before we stand on bent knee to ask God for his forgiveness there is one thing we must do first and that is to forgive ourselves which makes us humble when we come before God to ask his forgiveness.  If you have yet to take full responsibility for any and all actions and decisions that you have made, asking God to forgive you will always be a waste of time.  Not a waste of time because he will not forgive you, he will.  A waste of time because those decisions that you made which you know was wrong will continue to haunt you each and every day until you submit yourself to the humility of responsibility.

We must force ourselves and begin the journey to understand that the ultimate control over any and everything we do is not up to anyone else but ourselves.  Man may make a rule about how fast you can drive on city streets but it is up to each of us to decide if we wish to do so or not.  For those who wish not to conform, complain not when you get pulled over for speeding and stop trying to find excuses for speeding.  For those who wish to conform, complain not about those who do not because just as it is your right to obey the law, it is theirs to not.  To call yourself a Christian but talk negatively about another person in their presence or outside of it is all the proof you need that you are not sin free but to think negatively, catch and humble yourself, taking full responsibility for that thought, then asking God the person you thought it about for forgiveness clearly shows that you are free of sin.  Saying you are sin free means you have just sinned by lying because only in words can you prove that you are sin free?  However the opposite is true for proof that you are free of sin meaning every action and decision you make is not controlled or dictated by sin.  I think God knew this already and his ultimate desire was for us to learn this for ourselves because only when we are able to look into ourselves and see the true beauty of God will we are able to look into another and see that same beauty as well.


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