What a man should know about a woman hormones and gestation periods

There is very little men should have to be educated on by now when it comes to women but when it comes to the emotional stability of the female species, the male species are still caught off guard and retain the look of a deer caught in the headlights of a vehicle.

Because I have always been and always will be very interested in the study of the human being from why we behave as we do to why we think as we do, there will always be something that I believe I could learn from everyone which explains why many will ask why I am so nosy and ask so many questions.  This phase struck me one afternoon and I just had to know more about how a woman’s hormones affected her especially during the times of her periods.  Of course the only person I could inquire regarding this subject was my right hand, my earth angel, my wife.  Of course there is another more important reason for seeking knowledge from her.  She is the only one I know who do not look at me strange when I ask her a bunch of questions and seems glad that I’m showing an interest in learning.

What men should know is short and sweet.  Typically beginning at the age of 45, women may begin going through the change and if she is unaware of it herself, you will be looking at major and minor spikes between emotions.  Guys tend to joke about these times as when we should seek vacation time but to the woman, this is far from a joke.  What we need to know is our role that we must play if we truly mean it when we tell others just how special, important and meaningful this woman is to us.  Our role as supporter is vital and will go a very long way in helping the one we claim so frequently to love in the best way possible. 

The first thing we must do is being aware of what she is going through and know that the anger is not really directed at us.  It is simply the pain and frustration often brought on with that time of the month that she is fighting and most times feel so all alone as she does.  We have got to be there for her just like she will be there for us when we are having our daily, monthly and sometimes hourly mood swings.  Once we are aware we need to make sure she is aware and if there is medication to help her through these times, it would not hurt to get them for her along with a glass of water when it is time for her to take them.  You would be amazed at how something seemingly so little as that would go a long way in letting her know, she is not alone.  The second thing is keep your mouth shut.  Guys often open mouth and insert foot more often during this time than anytime else.  Remember, you may not be the object of her anger but if you continue to poke the bear, stop pretending you are innocent when the bear strikes back.  Finally keep the questions down to a minimal and the noise down even further.  Be not afraid to tell your male friends that this time is dedicated to the wife or significant other so don’t seek bonding time during this.  If you are available, she will be able to locate and lean on you when she needs that plus it may just give you both time to explore and learn more about each other and think about this.  The more you know about her, the closer you two become and the better your relationship gets and the more she knows about you the easier it will be to have her understand your man issues when they come up.

I don’t deliver my wife’s medication as often as I should now but I am trying to fix that but I will stand by her and be willing to take care of anything she feels needs attention especially during those times.  I have found that the more I do this the more I can actually began to feel her pain and to me that means the world because if I can feel her pain, I honestly think that I am taking away that pain.


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