If this is true does Senator Tom Cotton have to give Israel their money back?

I found this article titled “Israel Paid Senator Tom Cotton $1 Million to Block the Iran Nuclear Deal written by Keith Foote and I have a question.  If this is true and Senator Cotton failed in his attempt to block the deal does he have to give the money back?  Now contrary to what we want to believe, all that you find on the internet is not true so it is only a question.  I can tell you if I or anyone I know accepted money for a job but failed to deliver, we would surely have to refund the money and if we took too long to do so, we would find ourselves in a court.  Just wondering if we have somehow provided those in politics a “get out of responsibility free card” or something like that. 

Now the article did say that “The Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel gave Tom Cotton nearly $1 million in his race for the Senate just five months ago and maybe it was not for the reason this article says.  Maybe it was because Tom Cotton convinced them that as long as he occupied that seat that whatever they wished he would deliver.  If that is the case then maybe he would not have to worry about refunding the money as long as he delivered upon other promises.  It does make me wonder whether Tom Cotton was really in office to help the voters of his district or just to please this particular group.

Then again, all this could be just made up and we have nothing to fear like sitting Senators or federal governmental employees performing like some puppet and in what could be called a treacherous act.  I guess we will find out later because there is no such thing as a secret.  All things are exposed at one time or another and eventually those who commit them will have to answer for it.  Maybe someone will ask him about it on camera and he will set us straight which would be a good thing because I would hate to think that those who paid for him to win office and those who voted for him would ever be considered lacking in any regard.


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