Citizens always had the key to Fix Ferguson

The lessons of the Ferguson Missouri-The Michael Brown Story have been played out in so many in oh so many ways as even though people have been educated on what that lesson was, they still did little to change the outcome.

It appears that for many, the way to fix an issue is to yell, scream and throw a fit about it.  They still believe that the squeakiest wheel will get the oil.  While that may be true for your little red wagon, it is not true for people’s lives.  People believe that if you provided jobs for the hundreds and thousands of people out of work, that things would be much better and the rioting and looting would not happen.  It is believed that the anger is fixed when you give those who appear to be able to riot and loot because they have so much time on their hands, having a job; they may be too tired to riot or loot.   If the excuse to commit a crime is based upon this premise then you may be right but think about this, many who join groups like ISIL and other ideological groups join for the very same reason called disenfranchisement.  As long as people are ignored, disrespected and yes, disarmed, they will continue to feel disenfranchised but there is another solution.

The residents of Ferguson are over 80% African-American yet their leaders are not, their police department is not and their interests are not.  So what is and was the lesson.  Residential involvement in the political process.  If those who are elected are truly elected by those whom they serve would have much more power and influence to make the changes that their community needs.   If you see those who refuse to vote alongside those who do vote, any person who is interested in getting into any political office will divide them and cater only to those who vote.  You want change, make it, get up off your brains and exercise the rights that many veterans fought and died for.  It’s that simple.


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