In the Minds of the Ferguson Police and the other Law Enforcement Officials th

With the recent shooting of an unarmed black male in Ferguson, Missouri all over the news these past few days.  The question is not about the events which lead to this shooting but more about the tactics being employed by the Ferguson County Sheriff and local law enforcement officers there.  Many in the media wants to know why they feel the need to use military type equipment in an urban environment and why they appear to ignore the rule of law, honor the rights of their fellow citizens and even trample all over the constitution.  Well in order to understand their mindset, one need only to take a few steps back and look at the growth pattern of this surprising occurrence.  Begin with the seed in order to understand how that very large tree got there and then you will understand just how to remove that enormous scene-stealing tree.

To do that let’s do this.  Think about the overwhelming sense of unfairness when a town, a city, a community is governed by a group of people who does not actually reflect the population of that area.  What you get is a sense that those who are supposed to be in charge and make life a little better for those inhabiting those areas cannot and do not understand their plight because they do not look anything like them.  This is what I refer to as the “modern day plantation”.  Having to view, those making the rules as individuals who appear different even though they were raised in that very same community as you.  To say that an all-black leadership crowd cannot truly represent a group of all white residents is wrong because it can but consider that much of the crap happening in Ferguson, Missouri is not about what is but what is perceived.  Yes, there will be instances where one or more might feel left out or disenfranchised but this can easily be remedied because the number is low.  Multiply that by a thousand and the problem is much larger and more difficult to remedy which is the situation in Ferguson.

Police and law enforcement officials feel a severe sense of “fear”.  Yes, that’s right fear.  This fear makes them equip themselves with military hardware, riot gear, tear gas, rubber bullets and batons.  This fear allows them to claim the “us against them” defense because it is believed that this makes them stronger and safer.  The lies they tell themselves to sleep better at night are the lies that what they are doing is nothing more than “self-preservation”.  Think about the recent comments that have originated from those hired to serve and protect.  One officer was heard yelling to the crowd, bring it on you animals.  Many officers now press hard upon those they wish to control because they think that in order to stay safe they must put down and keep down those that they fear most.  You manage and control your strongest enemy and those less than will conform.  Overwhelming force is all that we seek when it comes to two opposing forces.  They fear residents because in their minds, the population number is against them.  They are informed that if the population rises up against them, they will be over-run and this is not something that they made up just look at the disparity between those population numbers.  

Consider that an attorney and St. Louis American columnist, Liz Brown, said on the Rachel Maddow Show last night, that when she applied for a job at the local State Prosecutor’s Office she was informed that they really did want to hire her but she would need to be okay with the frequent use of the “n” word in the office.  Really, are you serious, the office designed to insure that equal justice is made available to all residents frequently uses the “n” word in the office and this is considered professional.  How about the Ferguson Police Lieutenant who was so comfortable that at roll call each shift he would declare a “black day” where he would instruct his officers to go out and arrest some black people.  This is the history people; this is what many of the residents are speaking on when they say that the history is what is driving many to take to the streets.  Understanding their history teaches us about the seed and how that big old tree has grown so large that now it will be even more difficult to get rid of. 

But don’t get it twisted, don’t think that this is all officials fault for this tree that seems to block out the sun and change which is sorely needed for Ferguson and so many other cities, towns and communities.  Equal blame for this growth should be shared with the residents as well.  To understand how, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

First let’s clear up the definition between protester and rioter/looter.  A protester will come out and amass with other protesters with one purpose with a shared goal.  Much of the time it is seeking justice in an unjust situation or seeking policy change to a policy that does not serve the entire community as a whole.  Protesters allow their presence to be the story and they often speak with one voice, heading one direction even if you separate them, you will hear the same message each and every time.  

A rioter/looter is very different.  These weak and often times’ selfish individuals join a group to evade discovery and conduct their own selfish agenda in the name of the protest.  These individuals often are few but the actions that they take rises far above the more peaceful solutions sought by the real protesters.  Their idea of “civil disobedience” is creating an atmosphere that can quickly turn to violence, injury and death to so many others because those who are there for their own selfish reasons are never at the head of the crowd, they can often be found hiding in the middle doing their dirt.  They disgrace the memory of why the protest was staged in the first place and draw attention only to the selfish acts committed.  The police are equipped with military vehicle and all that other stuff because of what they did and not because of why the majority of them are there.

Take into consideration what was reported by the embed reporter.  He reported that yes, there were “some taunts from the crowd” meaning that the rioter/looter were present within the protest, urging more violent actions from the police so as to keep focus on the actions rather than the problem.  With the inclusion of these demons, no real solution can ever be found because those who do not wish to solve the problem will have been given a perfect excuse by them.  Take into consideration those who throw bottles and rocks instead of show that the true wisdom is non-violence.  They too are those who need to be expelled from the crowd so that healing can begin and a real solution to this very large tree can be found.  

The Police Chief said that the reason he will not release the name of the officer is because the officer has been receiving death threats so he stand proud of those on the street who are defending that officer by using illegal and unnecessary force on those who seek a civil solution. Does any of this make sense to you because if it doesn’t imagine having to live in that community every day.


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