Media’s Thirst for War

Lately it appears to me that so many in the media is pushing hard for another Iraq except this time in Syria.  Again, none of those seeming to be pushing for this will be there to dodge one bullet or be involved in any of the fire fights which will erupt.  It appears this way because we now have a president willing to make sure that all other options are exhausted before committing our men and women of the military (boots on the ground) and those war hawks in the media keep compiling one question after another trying desperately to trap some spokesperson into a time line or particular statement.

For the doves in the media, I hear no push back on these media war hawks which also surprises me.  One would think that we wanted a Commander-in-Chief who would not shoot first and ask questions later but turn on the national or cable news and there they are following closely behind people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others who were so wrong about Iraq but now see a new opportunity to save the ultimate legacy of George Bush.  It is assumed that soon, those who remember Iraq will go by the wayside like those who seem to have forgotten Iran-Contra.  Wonder how many fighters from the Iran-Contra era are now still somewhat involved in today’s radical groups?

Another part of this grand picture that doesn't seem to get much attention is the mission and constitutional task of congress.  Many of these same members sat back and grade others on what they are not doing but few questions are leveled at them on why they are not back in Washington helping to govern this nation.  They are quick to tell others what their job is and demand action from them but no one seems to care if they are not doing theirs, is it just me or can anyone else see this too? 


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