Transplants in Ferguson proves to be Enemy of the Nation

Today I heard a very disturbing fact.  One of the many reporters on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri reported that several small but rowdy groups have descended upon Ferguson and is mainly the cause of the unrest there.  It’s disturbing because these “transplants” don’t have to stay there after they make it so very hard for those who do to survive in the place that they call home.  These selfish, unthinking and cowardly people, migrate into an area, create hate and discontent, then slim their way out leaving devastation and hopelessness in their wake.  If this sounds a little familiar, it should because this is the very same thing that is happening in Iraq, Syria, Israel and so many other countries where dialogue and compromise is a very dirty word.

We call those who perpetuate this type of discord terrorist but when it comes to people who travel from place to place with their own agenda and not really caring about the cause of the gathering of people but only see it as an excuse to showcase their own hate and ignorance, we refuse to label them as such.  When the Tea Party was first introduced into America’s conscience, it was seen as a good thing.  A grassroots effort to change the way business was done, it quickly was taken over by those who saw it as a way of getting their own agendas passed and now we have a group whose primary mission is to derail anything that appears constructive and keep the internal war going among the different classes of Americans.  This is now the case in Ferguson, Missouri and is the case all over.

Those who advocate calm and peaceful assembly do not hold any sway over those who have decided to use this as a way to disrupt and disgrace the residents and this country.  There is no need for tear gas or rubber bullets in this country because the majority of us knows how to conduct ourselves and can articulate our issues.  We know how to compromise and walk away from a meeting a little bit smarter and a lot more mature.  We know how to present our case, listen to the other side and come to an understanding where we all win and no one loses but not this crowd.  They are not there to fix the problem, only to add to it.
One interviewer said that’s why we are angry but that is no excuse for protesting to fix a policy, to make better a law and to break laws as you do that.  Anyone with any kind of intelligence should have figured out by now, you can never amend or fix a law by breaking it and others.  That police officer will be made to face his crime but it must be done with clear heads and calm minds because if you rush this, it will not be because he was white or because he was a police officer that he gets off.  It will be because you got so far ahead of yourself, you failed to do the job you were assigned properly.  We can’t let terrorist, of any kind, take us back or detour us from meting out justice fairly and equally regardless of those terrorist skin color, religious beliefs or bank accounts.

This nation was built by strong men and women who stood up and were counted to advance our nation this far.  It should again be that strong men and women stand up and chase away those cowards who hide in the dark of night to put this nation in decline.


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