Why bad things happen to Good People

Please don’t get it confused, I do not protest to be the sharpest tool in the shed but even I can see why bad things happen to good people.  This has always been one of the most important questions asked but never answered.  The other was why this world is going to hell in a hand basket.  I think I can answer both those now.

As it is my nature, I am going to answer both these questions in the most simplest of terms I can as well as with one point.  That point is, bad things happen to good people and this world is going to hell in a hand basket because good people are sitting too long on their brains and not standing up for what they know is right fast enough.

Imagine that police officer who wrote letters to his superiors in Fenton Missouri where that young man, Michael Brown was just shot and killed.  He waited several months before even doing that because he feared losing his job or being retaliated against.  At what point does fear of retaliation or a loss of a job is more important than a human life.  How long should we wait before stepping up and who sets those limits. 
This is what may be at the core of why we act out so often.  Not because we are truly hateful and vindictive but because we are frustrated but too weak to aim that energy toward that which has brought it on.  In other words, those who fear losing their jobs or being retaliated against will tread very carefully before they approach their bosses but think nothing about yelling at their wives, husbands, significant others or kids.  Those who are frustrated with the way things are going or having to abide by some rule that they know within their hearts of hearts is wrong may not aim that energy toward that which is bothering them and choose to bully those that they feel they are superior against.

Police Officers seek the criminal to vent their anger and frustration upon and if you are not clearly a criminal, give many of them time and they will make you one.  The sad part about that is they really don’t have that power but citizens who refuse to educate themselves are often too afraid and relinquish that power.  Then those who are walked on seek others that they can in turn walk on in order to regain some of their esteem.  It becomes a vicious cycle because if it happens to me, I must then make it happen to another because misery loves company.

It’s time we realized what the core problem is and strive to fix that.  You can only fix yourself but you can plant the seed or begin the journey to fix policies if you can find the heart, soul and backbone to do so.  Waiting on others to fix something you know is broke is equivalent to waiting on hell to freeze over.


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