Consumer Confidence may be down but there are jobs to be found

Contrary to what some would have people believe, the economy has returned and jobs are popping up all over America.  The issue is people are still feeling less than confident because the unemployment numbers are still high but if one was to take a few minutes and compare the unemployment rate now to what is was before the crash of the economy, they may find themselves surprised by the numbers.

Take for example, the job that is being done in Rockford, Illinois by those in the government.  Some time ago, we spoke about how FedEx was about to begin construction for its new facility in this area, then we talked about the construction of two new stores (Aldi’s and Sav-A-Lot) which will soon also start construction here.  Now our local TV station WREX is reporting that “Global aircraft service leader AAR Corporation is opening a new maintenance and repair hangar in Rockford that will create up to 500 new jobs over five years. AAR chose Rockford based on its location, cost effectiveness, specially trained workforce, regional supply chain, and warehouse and distribution network. The 200,000 square-foot maintenance, repair and overhaul facility is expected to operate 24 hours a day. The facility will expand the airport's current infrastructure to allow for scheduled and unscheduled service, modification, overhaul and all other support services for military and commercial Boeing aircraft. The hangar will be located in the mid-field area of the airport and is slated to open in spring 2016. Construction is expected to begin within a year. Rockford joins AAR's six other locations in Duluth, Minn., Oklahoma City, Ok., Miami, Lake Charles, La., Indianapolis, In., and Hot Springs Ark.”

So there are jobs that are here, those that never left and those that are coming, the lack of confidence should not be in whether there will ever be enough jobs.  The lack of confidence should be in those who conducts the interviews or set the requirements for those jobs.  Right now many employers are demanding a college degree to get these jobs mainly because they know that as long as those jobs go vacant, the funds which would have been used to pay the salary or wages for that job remains securely in their bank accounts.  They choose this method because it pads their bottom line, protect them form a potential takeover or makes them look more inviting to buyers, either way this is why confidence should be lacking in America.

Anyone with half a brain knows that lessons learned in a classroom is not better than lessons learned on the job.  A person who has done that job for as little as 1 year could do as good of a job as someone just graduating college with that bachelor’s or master degree.  Anyone with half a brain knows that real-world experience is just as a good teacher as those standing in front of a class and in some instances better because they are not dealing with the hypothetical but current events. So, based on this, do you really think that the lack of confidence is really based on facts or just media and political interpretations?


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