Former Marine accused of murder caught in Alaska

Being a former/retired Marine myself, this is always news I do not like to hear.  I sometimes place my branch of the services on a higher pedestal than I do others.  I look to them maintain a higher standard both in and out of uniform so when I hear stories like this, it hurts.

However, justice should be equal for all of us even those I hold in high esteem if not especially.  This article tells a story about “prosecutors have charged a former Marine with murder after the body of his alleged lover was found in an abandoned Southern California mine shaft.  The San Bernardino County Superior Court's web site says prosecutors on Tuesday charged 24-year-old Christopher Brandon Lee with murder.  Lee was arrested Sunday in Anchorage, Alaska, in connection with the death of 19-year-old Erin Corwin.  Authorities say Corwin and Lee were having an "intimate relationship" before she disappeared in Southern California in June. Court papers say Corwin was pregnant at the time. Authorities searched a vast, remote area some 130 miles east of Los Angeles for Corwin for nearly two months and found her body Saturday in an abandoned mine shaft. Corwin disappeared June 28 from her home in Twentynine Palms, where her Marine husband was stationed.”

If he is found guilty then it is my hope that he gets the max that can be leveled not because I have a personal grudge against him but because he ran.  I remember the day when a Marine made a mistake or screwed up, he/she never ran and as a matter of fact one of our biggest motto was “these colors never run” meaning the colors of scarlet and gold worn by all Marines never run.  It appears that Mr. Lee did not heed the warning that fellow Marines wives or partners is off limits.  He violated that trust that exists between Marines by engaging in an intimate relationship with another’s wife.  Now that he was probably found guilty by the Marine Corps and discharged because of it, he now no longer wanted a relationship with her but instead of just moving on, he chooses to take her life and run.


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