Looters of Ferguson ignores the lesson of Dr. Martin Luther King

Throughout the coverage of the shooting and killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been major coverage of the race angle from the disparity of representation in the local government to comparisons of how cities that are not predominately black are governed but all the while, it appears that many have forgotten the lesson that was taught so long ago during the civil rights struggle and made famous by a Baptist preacher known as Martin Luther King.

Lest we forget, Dr. King advocated non-violence and maintained that stance even after facing far much more law enforcement resistance than the residents and transplant face in Ferguson.  In an interview with one of the national news agencies, an interviewee was quoted as saying that the reason they were looting was to get justice and instead of those standing near this individual correcting him, they just nodded their heads in agreement.  Seeing and hearing this, I immediately was taken back to the time where even the right to be on camera was not a right that was enjoyed by minorities during Dr. King’s day and yet those who say that they are there for justice have forgotten and do not appear grateful for even that.

Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement helped to create a federal law that now could be enjoyed by more minorities and women than before.  All this was done in a non-violent way.  There were no throwing of rocks or bottles at police.  It was arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, black, white and other races walking together side by side in chant and song.  To say that you are even attempting to follow this lead while you selfishly commit crimes is a disgrace to the name of the Civil Rights Movement and a slap in the face to that Baptist preacher, Martin Luther King.


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