The Ultimate Weapon against ISIL

So many people have asked ad many more have searched.  The discussion among the public is joined and all except those of Congress who was hired to help run this country are buckling down and trying to help solve this problem.  The problem ISIS or ISIL whichever way you wish to say it.

The situation seems far more daunting and complicated the more people you talk to.  It grows more serious with each passing day depending on the news outlet you favor.  It was made even more obvious by the killing of James Foley and would you believe that we have had the ultimate weapon against them waiting to be activated all this time and never knew it.  Would you also believe that this terrible group is also not truly led by the faces you see on television but covered faces of those you miss seeing?

The ultimate weapon against ISIL is none other than the Islamic people.  Those who tire of westerners buying their way into their religion and totally re-writing their Koran.  Those Muslims who are tired of being lumped into the same category with English-speaking outsiders who have elevated ISIL from a fringe group to a much more combative fringe group.  Don’t get it twisted, ISIL is not as large as many make them out to be and its makeup is not majority Muslim.  The real leadership are foreigners who rush over to help when all they do is rush over to destroy because none of them are capable of building.  These outsiders are failed military members, commanders, mercenaries and wanna-be’s whose chance at glory ended with their inability to make it in their own country.  They do not care about any of the true drivers that lead many Muslims to defy their religion.  They only wish to see how many lives that they can destroy, how many families that they can deconstruct, how many communities they can conquer and how many people they can bully.  To them it was never about creating a country; it is all about creating chaos.

If the real Islamic believers stand up and say we are going to teach all the world exactly what the Koran says, then those who chose to seek a non-violent way to end our disagreements will learn that the Koran is full of peaceful ways to settle disagreements.  Picture this, image your King James Version of the Bible where it has the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The Old Testament speaks about nothing but battles and vengeance while the New Testament speaks of peace and forgiveness.  Think about those who are supposed to be an expert in our religion that still preaches as if we are still under the Old Testament.  
Preaching vengeance while there are others we know that we are now under the New Testament and we preach forgiveness.  This is the same with the Koran.  There are those preaching vengeance while many more wish to preach forgiveness.  It’s time to release our ultimate weapon against ISIL; it’s time to empower the peacemakers for thou shall truly be called the children of God. 


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