Worker’s Welfare dependent on decisions made by Corporate America

Not often do we find a situation where a man cannot be in total control of their own destiny when it comes to certain things.  This is one such case.  A man or woman who can see themselves working at a particular job for years and making sure that their families are well taken care now have something else to fear.  They have to fear that selfish owner, manager or supervisor who are authorized to make decisions for the company that they work for, making decisions that benefits them but risks their welfare and livelihood. 

Such may be the case as found in an article written by Reuters reports that “FedEx Corp faces a new charge of conspiring to launder money in a U.S. criminal case over the company's drug deliveries for rogue online pharmacies despite warnings from law enforcement.  The latest indictment, filed in court on Friday, said FedEx accepted payment from several pharmacies when it knew the revenue was the product of invalid prescriptions.  Instead of stopping the conduct, FedEx devised policies so it could continue, the filing said.  If convicted, FedEx could face fines of up to roughly $1.6 billion.”

Now no one is saying that Fed Ex is guilty of this but thinks about just how stressful it knows that your job may be in jeopardy because someone with some authority may not have done the right thing and made a decision to try and increase the company’s bottom line while risking your security.  Even though if found guilty, it is a really good chance that they will find a way to get out of paying, think about how they will now try and make people feel sorry for that decision by announcing that they are closing factories and laying off people.  Sounds familiar?  It should because it happens all the time.  When ownership or management makes a bonehead decision that turns out to be wrong and hurts the company, the ones who gets hurt the worst is the workers.

This will continue only if we continue to hire people and place them in positions of authority based on who they know instead of what they know.  Based on who they are instead of what kind of person they are.  Based on where they came from instead of where they are headed.  Workers are the true backbone of any company and its success depends solely upon them so why are they the ones who gets the worst part of the deal when a decision is made that they had nothing to do with?  They do because those who made the decision will never step up and stand up to take responsibility for it, they will only be replaced by another person whose only claim will be that he or she promises not to get caught.


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