The Residents of Ferguson demonstrates just how to take back your Community

According to an article written by Meg Wagner, Cory Siemaszko of the New York Daily News titled “State of emergency declared in Ferguson after day grows heated in wake of Michael Brown shooting, photo of Officer Darren Wilson surfaces” there were a small part that made me begin to believe that true love of community was still alive and well in Ferguson, Missouri.  Now I am sure that many probably missed it because it was not as dramatic as the rioting and looting.  It is not quite as memorable and the conflict between residents and police.  It may not give them as many page views or increase their ratings.  That small piece “Emboldened, some troublemakers tossed Molotov cocktails and the started looting stores, including the Ferguson Market & Liquor — the business from which Brown allegedly stole a $48.99 box of Swisher Sweets cigars.  They were chased out by other demonstrators who stood watch over the store until the troopers could secure the premises.”

And there it is America, the proper way to take back your streets.  You demand justice from law enforcement, government and civic leaders but you fail to demand justice from the very people who stand right next to you claiming that they care about the very same thing you do when they truly don’t.
The looters do not care about Michael Brown or the fact that he was killed.  They only care about what will benefit them.  Proof of that is also in the article but it is not talking about the looters.  It is talking about a person present at the news conference by Gov. Nixon and instead of civilly discussing ways to make their community and lives better.  This person thought it was a brilliant move to open their mouths and defeat any advance that the family, Capt. Ron Johnson and so many others had made.  It’s reported that while Gov Nixon was addressing the crowd and saying true and positive things like “We cannot allow the ill will of the few to undermine the goodwill of the many,” Nixon said. “We cannot have looting, we can’t have people fearful,” he was “shouted down at a raucous press in a Ferguson church by angry residents demanding the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson and yelling “We want justice!”

We want justice, how ironic that the person so rude would demand justice.  How ironic that they would assume that the only injustice comes at the hands of police and government.  There is an equal injustice handed down by those who dismiss the life that was Michael Brown.  Yes, he may have made mistakes but what human being hasn't.  That does not, in no way, excuse him being killed.  The person who thought it was a good idea to be so rude and demand justice needs also to demand it from those who steal, destroy and loot.  Where is the anger which should be directed at them that keep perpetuating this legal injustice by playing right into the hands of those who see Michael Brown and people who look like him as nothing more than a stain on the very fabric of this nation?  The looter and bottle throwers are nothing but an extension of the hatred of our race and they do nothing to help their own but do everything to give those who would rather see us digging ditches or back in the cotton field the right to call us animals.  Where is the anger that should be addressed directly to them?

A few stood up to those poor excuses and chased them away.  They said enough is enough and if we are going to hold police to a higher standard then we shall hold ourselves to that higher standard as well.  They said that you looters and bottle throwers will no longer be representative of me and my community.  If we must rid our community of the wayward police officers who see us as useful only to occupy jail cells then we must also rid our community of those who adds nothing positive to this community and only provides them their reasoning.


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