Civil Suit over Barmore shooting death prove that you cannot serve two Masters

You can get no more evident that how we currently live today is to pleasing to God than to have a church file a lawsuit against the city of Rockford, IL when the Bible clearly tells us that Christians do not sue another.  Now maybe some will say that the city of Rockford is not a Christian because it is not a person then we can say the same about the church, can we not?  Some may say that the children who was present during that shooting has been scarred for life and deserve some sort of compensation for their duress, pain and suffering but I say if you are attempting or had been attempting to teach these children the true word of God at this daycare then why not show them the ultimate lesson that Jesus shared with us, turn the other cheek.

The title of the article is “Trial nears in Rockford civil suit over Mark Anthony Barmore shooting death” and it reports that “a trial in a lawsuit stemming from the officer-involved shooting death of Mark Anthony Barmore could begin in March, nearly seven years after the unarmed man was killed in the basement day care of a predominantly black church in downtown Rockford.  The civil suit was filed years ago on behalf of the Kingdom Authority International Ministries Church, the Brown family that operates it and about a dozen of the children who were in the House of Grace basement day care on Aug. 24, 2009. Barmore, 23, was shot and killed that day during a confrontation with police.  The lawsuit seeks compensation from the city for the emotional distress suffered by the children and day care operators who were present during the shooting and the loss of revenue to the church after the shooting.  Rev. Melvin Brown said the trial threatens to reopen old wounds in a case that divided the city.  "I wish the city of Rockford, with all the healing that we have tried to make, the city would have settled," Brown said. "This is going to open a new can of worms. A lot of truth will come out."  Without admitting fault, the city in December 2014 settled a $1.1 million wrongful death lawsuit with the Barmore estate. But no money went to the children who were in the day care at the time of the shooting”. 

Now if your true master was God, you would pray for relief, turn the other cheek and move only to show all who listens and watches how wonderful God truly is but if you true master is man, you would do exactly what this church is doing and trying to collect money for damages they did not suffer because of this shooting but damages that they brought on themselves because of their choice to try and serve two masters.  Having lived directly across the street from this establishment, some call a church; I can safely say these things not because I think them but because I witnessed them.  They filed a lawsuit on behalf of a church when anyone who really can read knows that the only true church is the church of the soul and nothing man-made will ever be of God.  So suing on behalf of a church shows that your true master is not God.  Secondly, the say this suit is on behalf of the Brown Family but I fail to see just how this shooting ever involved them except for the fact that they were present but how many more of us has been present at shootings before.  Being around a shooting is never grounds for suing and if it is then all those veterans who served in a combat zone should also be allowed to sue not only the United States but the government of the country in which they fought.  The brown Family is supposed to be teaching the word of God and if anyone can tell me where God teaches his children to sue please clue me in.  Third, they say this is all about the children who were there.  I’d say that maybe the fault on the children not being led from that environment may have been a police matter, but it also could be the matter of those adults who were present and also failed to act responsibly.  In case the police department failed in securing the children and quickly while quietly getting them out of harm’s way, the responsibility of that then fell to the adults present.  Failure to act properly by those adults can minimize the total responsibility of the police and reduce their liability since those children were left in the hands of those adults and not left in the hands of the city of Rockford Police Department by those children’s parents.

This is what attempting to serve two masters gets you.  Nothing but complete confusion and evil wins every time because we become so misdirected and unfocused on what we believe is pleasing to God.  Each and every time, evil is able to take our focus away from God, evil is successful in taking our eye off the sparrow, we lose and then we have the audacity to wonder how so many people became atheist and do not believe anymore.  Perhaps it is because we try and serve two masters instead of trying to serve only one.


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