The real truth about Power and who wills it

Was checking my email and ran across this email from a group calling themselves the Dream Defenders titled “No One Hand Should Have All That Power”  in it talks about the power of social media and how we as human being allows it to have so much control over our lives.  The over-all message appears to be “Millions of our youth are internalizing the notion that democracy is the ability to say and do as you please without the responsibility of consequences or to a collective greater than oneself” and it calls for all of us to “think of our responsibilities to others in everything that we do and build”. 

While I must say that I can see, understand and agree with their point, this email made me began to realize that we, as human beings, do this with so many other things including but not limited to social media.  You hear it in the speech of mostly anyone you come in contact with when they say, I would have done something different had I been in charge and it has apparently worked so well for us that we have now become making this a stable of our survival.  It’s a shame really and may go further to explain why this nation and its people are so far behind the eight ball that it is not even funny.  We often wonder why there is so much division, hatred, jealousy, greed, corruption and completion but we never seem to consider what the real answer is because many of us are afraid to admit and own the decisions and choices we make each and every day.  So let me spell it out to you and frankly you can take it any way you wish because I have to answer to God for all that I say and do while living in the flesh and not you, so if my soul gets condemned to hell because of what I do while as a human being, then it will be done by me and not on behalf of anyone else.

Simply put nothing man-made will ever have power over anyone God made.  This is not and never was possible.  People wish you to believe that society makes rules for us to follow and if you break them you are a bad person but I say if the rules made are bad rules you are a bad person for not breaking them.  You see, man can make a rule about anything they wish but you are the ultimate decider as to whether you wish to follow that rule or not.  This was so prevalent in the travesty of a trail that they put Jesus through.  Heriot gave the people the option to cry out for Jesus or cry out for Barabbas and the majorities choose the thief.  No voices rang from the crowd to cry out for Jesus and only after the skies darken and those who pushed this conspiracy realized before their last breath that they had truly disgraced the God they claimed so much to love, revere and respect did they wish they could have a do-over.

This is the same for us right now.  Each and every day we face evil and look it square in the face, we make decisions and choices as to whether to cry out and caste evil aside or to ride with him side by side.  We know the right thing to do but may not have the heart, backbone or courage to do it so we become part of the crowd instead of leading it.  Only after the decision has been made and the results are coming clear do we even speak of it being a miscalculation and we then look for do-overs, but since no mulligan will be granted after a decision or choice is made, we then elect to blame it one someone else as if that will absolve us of our responsibility to that decision.  Know now people, that even if other human beings let you get away with bad decisions, God will not and even if you think that all you do can be and remain secret, I say think again.  We all will be held accountable for our choices and decisions we make whether we make them loudly or in silence.  The only true power over you that anyone or anything has is the power that you give it and if you give it, you can take it back.   You have heard that God only puts on you what he knows you can handle well consider this.  If God knows that there is nothing of this man-made world that you cannot handle because you have the power to strike it down and make it mute, why would he not allow you to bring evil upon yourself if for no other reason than to learn humility.  You see arrogance is bred by our ability to do anything we want anytime we want and hold ourselves upon reproach and responsibility but as with all things there is the opposite of them and the opposite of arrogance is humility. 

Know that the power to control your life and destiny is not built or shaped by man by only by you.  Take the rules of man, learn them well then see how it applies to the will of God.  If you can follow the will of man without infringing on the will of God, then you have your answer but at any time, if the will of man infringes on the will of God, this is your opportunity to cry out and choose Jesus.  We put so much faith in other human beings knowing that they are foul able but ask one of us about putting just a mustard-seed amount of faith in God and Jesus and we scream bloody murder.  God gave you the power over sin and to exercise that power all you need to do is not give it away to sin or if you slipped and did so, you can easily take it right back.  The question is, do you really want it back or just pretending because taking it back means to be totally responsible for every decision and choice you make.  Now you know but are you ready? 


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