Why Conservatives are settling on Trump

Everyone has their thoughts on why a reality TV personality is being favored by the voting block of Republican voters.  Many say that it is America’s weariness of Washington Insiders and if they want to shake things up they have to go with an outsider.  I don’t think so.

Simply put, conservatives are looking for another Reagan and since he was more of an outsider when he ran, they are looking in that general direction and so many are attempting to claim that title.  It is believed that someone not of Washington will grab the spirit of Reagan and lead their party back to prominence and glory.  They believe in Reagan and all others are attempting to model themselves after him.  The only problem is, this is but one Reagan and none of those running are even close to him.

Reagan had his faults but he was no without humility and compromise.  He knew that in order to get all he wanted, he needed to take a little at a time from several different areas to finally form what he sought.  Today’s Republican candidates are trying to take the whole cake and are finding out that no one gets the whole cake at least not all at once.  Out of the field of candidates, Donald Trump appears to be the most like Reagan this group see.  They say it is that he speaks frankly and sometimes says some thig that they may not but that’s alright.  This would be fine if the United States was isolated from the entire world and had not any reason to join the rest of the universe in order to make life better and more peaceful than it has been in the past.

Consider this, you are a foreign leader with an Army of your own and Donald Trump walks into your house, tells you what you will do to clean it up, gives you ultimatum after ultimatum and threatens to bomb you if you don’t.  How long would you, as a person seen by your millions and billions of people as their leader will subject that country to a bully with a badge?  Now we have more wars and more conflicts because of his inability to even think compromise and our children are drafted right out of high school to defend and make better the damage a careless and thoughtless president has made.

We’ve seen this movie before and the ending is deadly.  We are still dealing with an administration remains that have caused unnecessary and undue damages to our young men and women of our Armed Forces.  Even Reagan negotiated with the Russians and gave up things to get other things, so it appears evident that this is the type of person one needs to be in order to occupy the highest office in the land.  Reagan filled it twice and honestly did some good things as well as some bad but this crop of nominees are definitely no Reagan and Donald Trump less so than any but it is your call and your vote so do as you will, just be as responsible as you demand others to be when you finally realize your search for Reagan garnered you Reagan less not Reaganness.


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