Correcting our History coming soon to a computer nearest you

In a conversation with friends and family, I mentioned back in 2010 how it would be nice if we would incorporate all races history into our American History so that all of us can share in the accomplishments of people from all races who were heroes and provided a leadership role or a mentor ship to all who came after in building this nation and the world.    Since then I hadn’t thought too much about it until recently.

I kept hearing the phrase “I want my country back” but never really paid that much attention to it.  I shrugged it off as a saying adopted by a few closet Klan members and moved on.  It resurfaced recently and I was compelled to asking those who said it exactly what they meant.  The answers I got were more confusing than the phrase and today, no one has been able to tell me exactly what they mean when they say “they want their country back”.  The only thing that I can think of and what makes the most sense to me is they are those who, like me, read and saw history books that had very little, if not any, mention of how other races contributed to the building of this nation and if you start early enough providing what is deemed as documented proof of how this nation was formed with all the major contributing characters being of one race, you will assure that those who are required to learn that history will walk away thinking that only that particular race built this nation.

As I grew and matured, I learned that one race was not the only building block that helped to construct this country and it bothered me that none of these other races who had just as much to do with building this nation were not as prominently placed in our history books as others.  In some cases those left out of the book did more to contribute to this country than some of those that were.  Image as a small child, you saw people who were thought of just as much as those whom since has holidays and birthdays as national holidays who looked like you.  This may just be want you need to take a more concerned interest in a country if you felt a part of it.  It bothered me that much of the history I was subjected to when it came to other races and their existence was titled under the names of criminal, slave, red man, yellow man or savage.

Just today, I have decided to stop waiting on others to do something about this and have decided to do something besides just complain about it myself.  I have made proposals to my local television stations, BET, OWN and others about doing a show that features these people that you will not normally see in our history books.  I was asked what I was prepared to do if they said “no” or never respond back on that proposal.  I didn’t know then but I do know now. 

I am going to create a show on the internet called “Correcting our History” and profile these people.  It is my hope that a more capable company picks it up and make it available through TV and to the masses but I am not going to waste another minute waiting on them to do something that they should have done long ago.  Look for it because it will be coming, my embarrassment is that I can’t figure out why those who have the access already have not done so or even responded to my request.  What is it that they are afraid of and how different growing up would be if you celebrated people who looked like you every once and a while and not just in February.  Maybe that’s the issue, so used to being able to bet on using race to divide and conquer that those currently in power see this education as a threat.  


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