Trump voters proving every vote does count but will GOP get the message

Washington politicians and the media that covers them wishes all of us to think that this so-called Tea Party Movement has taken over the GOP and candidates running for office has no other alternative except say outrages and outlandish things to get their vote.  Common wisdom in this up-coming election as well as a few prior says that the Republican voter wants obstruction to anything President Obama wants to do or want them to stand against anything he stands for. 

They wish you to believe that common wisdom says that the Republican voter wants to get rid of governmental agencies, defund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.  Common wisdom says that the Republican voter despises Obama, is racist and is full of bigotry and hatred for anyone who don’t look, act or think like them.  Common wisdom says that the Republican voter wants everything Washington does to be about finding dirty laundry to expose on anyone who is not Republican and they should remain obstructionist and give them their country back. 

If that is truly the case then common wisdom should be born out in this election as well right?  I mean, we have already gotten over seven (7) years of obstruction, votes on nothing more than defunding Planned Parenthood and Obamacare even to the point that any bill that made it to the White House for signature always included that language in it.  Common wisdom should be satisfied because these Republican-led congress’ gave us government shutdowns, an inept House of Representatives and a wasteful Senate, nothing closely resembling the millions of jobs they promised to create, nothing that could even remotely be considered as making lives better for those who hired them, billions of tax dollars wasted on Benghazi and other going no-where investigations and a city in one of the richest nation on this planet that truly believes it’s okay to poison its citizens.  So why aren’t any of those candidates still pushing these agendas not getting traction in this election and the votes except one?

Voters say they are tired of the way things are working in Washington but being the ones who fell for the lies being told on the campaign trail and giving us this travesty of a government, they now seek to take back their party first and their only logical option to doing this is a reality TV star who gets a kick out of talking about himself and doesn’t seem to have any plans of what he will do if he wins.  A man whose idea about running a country is refusing to compromise with anyone and willing to pay off all those who are able to stand in his way.  This is the closest that they can come to finding another Ronald Reagan. 

The Republican voter knows that those who claim the fame of the Tea Party is only a very small percentage of their party and the other half of that party knows that if they stand up, step up and be counted, the fringe portion of their party will slink back into the shadows and stop being the majority as represented by the media and those who think they actually control an entire party.  The Republican voter knows that they have a right, a responsibility and a duty to vote because those serving in our military, both past and present, risks their very lives to grant them this freedom and they are not about to turn their vote over to anyone.  They are loyal to their party and seem to have had enough to it being used by the few instead of useful to the many.

The Republican voter knows that every vote counts and they are coming out to voice their opposition to how Washington and some states are working right now, they are out to show that the Republican party is no longer all about bigotry, hatred, racism and lies, that the Republican party is filled with those who love their country as much as anyone else and they are just as compromising and caring as everyone else.  They are speaking to those who may ever wish to join their party or be affiliated with them that how you present yourself had best be putting your best foot forward because if not, the masses will gather, the votes will be caste and you will be seeking another job.  The Republican voter knows that it is never too late to exercise your right to vote and take back your party by removing those giving you that proverbial black eye, they also know that due to the weak choices for nomination of president, they may have to sit out this general election but make no mistake, this is the last election that they will sit out of.


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