Even Ignorance cannot save you from this Unbalanced Justice System

You ask me why I say unbalanced justice system and I simply have to answer, pick up a local paper, magazine or turn on the news and look closely at those stories reported that are similar in circumstances.  If you are able to see the difference in reporting and the results then you may understand why I say unbalanced but if you cannot then maybe it’s just me who is unbalanced.

Take this article titled “Chicago man convicted of murder for giving teen niece gun used in fatal Facebook confrontation” written by Jason Silverstien for the New York Daily News  In this article it talks about an uncle giving his niece a stolen gun and escorting her to the home of the girl she ended up shooting.  In a court of law, he was convicted of murder for his ignorant judgment of giving his niece a gun and going with her as if this was the adult way to handle any dispute.  How I see this as unbalanced is Tamir Rice is dead because someone gave that officer who was seen as unfit by another police agency a gun but I didn’t hear anything about them being charged with or convicted of murder or did I miss that?

Now any reasonable person should be able to agree that this uncle made a choice that will make others think that he would have problems pouring liquid out of a boot even if the instruction was on the bottom of the sole of that boot but still is not our justice system supposed to fair and balanced and offer equal justice to all or maybe I’m too unbalanced to understand that this is not how it supposed to work.  Bottom line, this current crop of adults, meaning us, need to get up off our brains and begin to teach our children how to resolve differences without violence because we are beginning to see how this movie ends.  Especially if a so-called adult chooses to elevate and escalate that violence as a way of showing his niece how she should handle anyone who disagrees with her.

When are we going to learn that fighting and killing one another over something that does not truly belong to us is ignorant?  When are we all going to grow up and realize that we are all renters here on this earth and all that we claim to possess cannot and will not be able to pass with us when we leave this world and our earthly form and if you can’t take what you own with you wherever you go, then how under God’s blue sky can you truly say it belongs to you?  Lives are constantly being destroyed because we covenant materials things instead of that which is most important and no one seems to get it.  Now this uncle has discovered what some of us have been trying to tell the rest of us for years.  Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law even a law that is not on any books and ignorance will definitely not save you from a severely broken and unbalanced justice system.  Just because one person may walk and you take that same path does not mean the odds will break in your favor.  When are we going to stop gambling with our lives, the lives of others and our very soul or am I too unbalanced to even ask that question?   


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