The Power of a Name

By Timothy Organ

How important is a name? Consider this:  a set of twins grow up and the only name they are given is “Twin.” Outside appearances and even mannerisms, likenesses, and desires are a complete match. In such an instance a mate comes along and wishes to marry one of them,
except there is no way to distinguish one from the other and they have such a likeness to one another the mate becomes confused at times, because as it turns out they both like the mate. Having a name in such a case would definitely make things so much easier, if these twins are males the lady of interest would be at least able to call out the name of the one that she is interested in and then know that is the one she is with.

This is no different with God. Unless we distinguish who it is we claim to be God then we fall
short of leading ourselves to worship anything and even worse, we lead others out of a good intention to do the same. The God of Moses told him upon delivering his message to the people in bondage, “If anyone should ask who it is that delivers them, tell them ‘I Am (YAHWEH)’ has sent me to tell you this.”  He says later, “The name that I have given you ‘I Am (YAHWEH)’ is not a name that has been made known to your Fathers who have honored and loved me, they only known me as ‘The Great One (Elsah aka > Allah)’ and ‘Almighty One (EL Shaddai)’. This is the name I want you to pass on to all future generations that know me.” Thus of all the names that have been established for God there is only one that distinguishes the God of Moses, Abraham, and Isaac from all the other known gods.  That name distinguishes who God is from god… Thus they are no longer one in the same.  How many passages compel us to “call on His name?” How is it possible to do this if in fact we are never taught the name? Let’s explore the Biblical history:  during the time of Abraham and Isaac, God YAHWEH says He was only known by a title. Remember this, YAHWEH appeared before Abraham on two separate occasions and made a covenant with him, there was no need at that time to wonder who God was, because Abraham spent time with Him, and the Bible records that “he credited this to his own righteousness.” During this time Abraham had two sons. One, Ishmael; became a son by way of his servant Hagar, who was not of the line YAHWEH had intended for him.  Nonetheless, Abraham was a proud doting father and taught him as much as he could about YAHWEH who he adored as a father too. Having only known him by the titles mentioned Isaac through Hagar his mother, learned the way according to an ancient faith through Abraham’s personal examples. 

Even Isaac, the legitimate of the line only knew this name, yet it is a descendant of Isaac that is
given the name “that I shall be known by from this time forward.” Thus, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses is not Allah, but YAHWEH, by YAHWEH’s own admission!  Why is such a clarification necessary?  Consider this: Satan has always worked to try and obliterate YAHWEH from the sight and hearing of the people, because he understands the power of YAHWEH’s Son, and the work He performed in His honor.  He orchestrated a great deception among the faithful followers of the law, so great in fact that it inadvertently denies the name and the existence of YAHWEH. He convinced through the power of sin and emotion a group of faith followers to deny YAHWEH and kill His Son. Further He has compelled the newest generation of followers to forgo the name of the Father, that given name that He says will be the one we should know Him by, excusing this by saying that the Son is now the father as well, and that it is not proper to recognize the Father by His name; many even going so far to claim that those ancient titles should be used to refer to the father (Allah)! Today, the mainstream followers of Christ follow a doctrine that they claim is central to the “true faith” and yet it does everything that Satan set out to do from the start.  How powerful is this curse of deception? Consider this: When our forefathers established this land as a separate nation they did so with all intention of setting itself under the Christian God. For every naysayer of this age, there is a mountain of well documented evidence to support that not only did our forbearers want us under such a banner, that they put themselves personally under it, and such was the way for the people in that era. If this were not so there would not have been such controversial acts as the Salem witch trials and the purging of “savages” or missionary work dedicated to open reform of native societies.  How is it then that the name of God was not mentioned in our founding documents? 

Consider this: It is clear that there were several divisions of faiths amongst the constitutional writers; so much so that compromises had to be made to appease all and gain a ratification vote from the majority as is the practice of today’s congress.  Issues such as the naming of a particular God, even if there was a commonality in beliefs of that time became heavily controversial since gaining support from people who insist pronunciation of that name be one way over the other, and then others who believed that it was not right to use the given name out of respect for inadvertently mispronouncing it, became the focus. I call this the Catholic/Protestant dilemma.  Notwithstanding that roughly ninety-eight percent of the contributing population followed a Christian way at the time, using the name for a God everyone already agree is the same, we see less of a need to mention a distinguishing name. Last is the constitutional disclaimer that no one particular religion will be favored over any other, seals the fate over whether or not to mention a particular god by name. Such as it is “we are endowed by our Creator” and “by Divine Providence” are used to suggest that we are beholden to a personally higher power but we do not recognize any one above the other…. See the conundrum? YAHWEH God gave Moses His name so that His people would know definitely who they were to worship, that name, under that association, gave us the first written law and provided for our spiritual rehabilitation, and is the one that we recognized when writing the document of our foundation, and yet we are deceiving ourselves through “compromise” to deny that name, and the very existence of God out of fear of alienating and offending others who do not follow that way.  This is a portion of the great deception that befalls all social orders in this day and age and it originates from the same source! James wrote in his letter that “This order belongs to the master of evil” Satan himself told Jesus,

“Your Father gave me these (world orders, societies, and domains) to give to who I please…” and Jesus did not correct him. It is no wonder than that such compromises and concepts rest well with even the most faithful of the bunch.  James also wrote this “The Evil one, and his helpers parade themselves as righteous followers among you and are clever enough doing so to fool even the most faithful among you.”  Last; consider this; with the very name of God being omitted from our faith vocabulary: In whose God do we really trust? What “creator” grants us the right to worship as we please? Who gave us the right to “pursue” happiness? Without knowing which God does these things, what book do we swear upon to take the oath of office? If the Ten Commandments are removed from our courts, what direction do we derive our course for morality and conviction? What can we teach our children about their spiritual direction if we can’t acknowledge the source of that direction? How can lawmakers find the personal conviction in controversial issues if they cannot refer to a known set of principle? What types of liberties are taken when we have no specific direction and course in our personal decisions? Every single one of these things will have an answer, if we gave our God the name that identifies Him above all others! Without that we are no less than blind sheep, following random noises in the dark, looking for bread and water.


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