The one main thing that the Bible and the Constitution have in common

In a nation which claims to be a Christian Nation, one would expect the primary text which guided that nation and act as the number one source for the actions and behaviors of that nation would be the Bible.  For a nation that claims to be a union of co-existing and cooperating souls with each pursuing his own goal of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness while maintaining respect and dignity of the other, one would think that the one main source for the actions and behaviors of that nation would be the U.S. Constitution.  For a nation that seems to be claiming both attempting to serve two masters at the same time, it can get kind of confusing which primary guide to follow for each situation we find ourselves in and that is what may explain why this nation appears to be quickly becoming the less desirable and ignored nation on the planet.

Now it is quite clear that the Bible is being greatly ignored when you have Christians pushing hatred for another group or race of people who may not see things as they do or act in a way that is comfortable to them.  You hear many always quoting the Old Testament to make their point and if we truly were tied to this agreement as much as they wish all to believe, they would have a point but even those who can’t read can see that we are no longer bound by that agreement and instead exist under the newest agreement contained within the New testament and guided by the actions and deeds of God’s only son.  A spiritual being that was encased within the body of a man and demonstrated by his actions and his reported words how God, our father wanted us to represent him.  At no time did he ever push hatred for one group or another even after many actively participated in his murder.  To say that a Christian nation that ignores their one and only religious text while demeaning other religions for following theirs is hypocrisy and a violation of that religious text they cling to is saying a mouthful but what is also true is the same thing is happening right now with those within this nation who claim it to be a union of separate but equal souls.

The number one amendment that you hear so many speak about is the 1st amendment which is supposed to protect us from violations of our freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and freedom to petition the government.  We make the claim that we as free people can say anything and everything we wish because that is our right and our government shall never infringe upon it.  We say that this and other rights are granted to us through the Bill of Rights within the Constitution and in that text, they are correct but what seems to be ignored is that right also extends to all citizens of this country and not just to a select few.  If we check the definition of infringement the key is an encroachment or trespass on a right or privilege.  The U.S. Constitution further affords an American citizen whether natural or otherwise the right not to be killed injured or abused and it demands in both the 5th and 6th Amendment the right to face accusers. So the question now becomes, if we truly believe the Constitution is and should always be the law of the land as well as all those called citizens must abide by it, then is it not infringing on the right of another to bear false witness, say or repeat any statement not of fact causing abuse to that individual?  We are well aware that the U.S. Constitution was particularly written to guard the citizens against an oppressive government but if that is the case and the government is forbidden from infringing on the rights of its citizens, by what right does its citizens have infringing on the rights of other citizens?

The main thing that the Bible and the Constitution have in common is that both are being ignored and used in pieces to fit individual agendas.  Bits and pieces of certain parts are taken and words mounted around it to make it appear to justify what we are saying instead of us doing what we know we should be doing and that is following the entirety of the text instead of just certain parts of it.  The Bible tells us that one Christian should never sue another but we do it anyway, the Constitution says no one should infringe upon the right of another yet I am allowed to say things that are not true about you even though saying them may put you in harm’s way without consequences.  Society coined a name for watching what you say and calls it being “politically correct” but that is not true.  They should rename it and call it being “constitutionally correct” because if you falsely speak on the character of another person you are infringing on their right to happiness which is a basic right supposedly granted to all citizens by the Constitution.  You have the freedom of speech and that freedom is to speak your mind about what you think is wrong with the country or how it could be better.  That freedom does not give you the right to demean, belittle or put down anyone for whatever reason doing this places you in violation of that very document you claim so strong to love and cling to.


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